Enterprise Cloud Services in the Middle East: Seven Factors that Will Impact Adoption

Date: 2015-11

‘Enterprise Cloud Services in the Middle East: Seven Factors that Will Impact Adoption,’ a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, studies the growth prospects for SaaS, IaaS and PaaS in the major markets of the Middle East. This includes the countries where adoption is the highest: Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey and Israel. The Insider Report first defines cloud services and provides the technological and business context for cloud computing in enterprise environments. It then analyzes each of the seven factors that are shaping the cloud services markets in the Middle East as well as the state of cloud service readiness in the region’s six main markets. Three case studies examine the cloud ecosystems as well as the prospects for cloud services in Egypt, Turkey and the UAE, with particular attention paid to the role of governments. In conclusion, the Insider provides a set of key findings, a number of recommendations for operators, governments and other cloud service providers, and an overview of the major players and services in the market.

Key Findings
– Cloud adoption in the Middle East will be affected by spending in both the public and private sectors, including by e-government initiatives to improve data management and smart city initiatives in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In many of the region’s markets, government IT expenditures account for the largest share of overall IT revenue.

– Enterprises have a number of concerns about hosted and cloud solutions. Through surveys and interviews, we have found that a key concern in the Middle East relates to the perceived loss of control over the data storage location. The majority of enterprises therefore prefer to adopt private cloud set-ups as opposed to public cloud arrangements.

– Within the cloud ecosystem, telcos have an opportunity to become a platform for the provision of IaaS and SaaS offerings, while cloud service providers need to support governments with cloud computing awareness initiatives and support the marketplace of local ISVs to develop applications relevant to the local market.

‘Enterprise Cloud Services in the Middle East: Seven Factors that Will Impact Adoption,’ a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, provides an analysis of the region’s cloud services market for enterprises and other organizations. The report covers the overarching cloud services landscape in the region, reviews the major factors affecting cloud service adoption among enterprises, governments and other organizations, and includes a set of country case studies for more detailed examples of real-world experience.

The Insider Report consists of five sections:

– Introduction: This section provides an overview of the cloud services market, including Pyramid Research’s definitions and look at the enterprise cloud ecosystem.

– Middle East enterprise cloud market: This section covers seven factors that will affect the evolution and adoption of cloud services in the region. Topics examined include public sector ICT initiatives, private sector development, the state of fixed broadband, the state of ICT regulation, the availability of commercial datacenter services, cloud service availability and cloud service pricing strategies.

– Cloud readiness in the Middle East: This section provides an overall assessment of how prepared the major markets in the region are for cloud services, based on the factors analyzed in the previous section. Insight is also offered into the major concerns among enterprises and other organizations about cloud migration. The section concludes with Pyramid Research’s estimate of cloud adoption in select Middle Eastern countries.

– Case studies: This section provides three country readiness profiles, analyzing the major drivers and inhibitors of cloud services and the maturity of the cloud ecosystems in the UAE, Turkey and Egypt.

– Key findings and recommendations: The concluding section provides an executive overview of the major findings of the report and highlights key recommendations for operators, cloud service providers and governments.

– Helps professionals understand the major challenges and opportunities in the cloud computing market in the Middle East today.

– Taking a forward-looking approach, the readers can gain executive-level knowledge of the main factors which will affect cloud computing in the Middle East over the next several years.

– Assess the current market strategies based on recent market developments in the Middle East.

– Gain insights of key enterprise dynamics and identify profitable markets and areas for product development in specific markets in the region, which is beneficial for the Cloud players and investors.

– Identify the key stakeholders in the main cloud services markets in the Middle East.

– Telecom operators, government regulators and agencies, cloud service providers and other parties can explore the Insider’s recommendations for stakeholders in Middle Eastern cloud markets.

– Boasts of presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately for the executive-level audience.”


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