Employee Benefits in Lithuania

Date: 2015-09

Lithuania inherited a Soviet-style pension system with characteristics such as generous early retirement provisions, privileges for certain occupational groups, and a weak link between contributions and benefits. The economic crisis in the 1990s forced the Lithuanian government to undertake pension system reforms in 1995. The reforms were intended to make changes in the State Social Pension Insurance (first pillar), enhance the stability of the system by eliminating the generous early retirement provisions, and create a strong link between contributions and benefits. In 2004, the second and third pillars – funded schemes and supplementary pension provisions – were introduced. In principle, all employees in Lithuania are covered by the social security system, but the actual coverage rate is only 83% of the workforce. To receive a full pension, individuals must satisfy 30 years of insured status and the minimum qualifying period is 15 years. Individuals who are unable to reach the minimum qualifying period are eligible for a social assistance pension, which is equal to 90% of the basic pension.


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