Diversification in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Essential For Survival or an Unnecessary Distraction?

Date: 2015-06

“Pharmaceutical companies face the dual threats of industry specific difficulties driven by the innovation crisis, patent expiries and healthcare reform, coupled with the more generalized issues caused by the continuing global economic slowdown. The industry remains split on whether diversification or specialization is the key to building a successful business model in the face of these difficulties.

On one hand some companies believe that diversification is necessary to survive and thrive in the current difficult operating environment and that it offers specific advantages going forward.

On the other hand some companies believe that a narrow focus is necessary to optimize the prescription pharma business model and that diversification represents giving up.

Ultimately, it is the nature of the diversification that is the key. “Strategic diversification” within related industry sectors can be a highly successful strategy, benefiting the overall company through synergies between business units, cross fertilization driven innovation and cost-sharing.

The report, “Diversification in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Essential For Survival or an Unnecessary Distraction?”, was written to support pharmaceutical companies with their short & long term strategic plans to grow their businesses while the industry experiences an extremely challenging global healthcare environment.

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– Overview and analysis of diversification in the pharma industry split by healthcare sectors
– Analysis of the leading pharma companies diversification strategies
– Financial comparison of diversified versus focused companies

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Understand the opportunities that exist in the area of diversification to gain insights as to whether it is something you should be considering for your organization
– Assess which strategies best fit the needs within your organization and compare them against others in the industry
– Access case study analysis of the top pharmaceutical companies regarding the ways they have diversified and the challenges they have faced
– Using CBR’s financial analysis surrounding the top pharmaceutical company’s diversification strategies, make the best decisions possible to support your company’s current & future planning”


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