Dairy Products China News 1702

Date: 2017-03

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Ausnutria: Sales to Rise by 30% in 2016

On 13 February, Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd.(Ausnutria, stock code: 1717) predicted that its fullyear 2016 fiures will show:
• Sales up 30% to USD393.8 million (RMB2.7 billion)
• Sales of its infant formula (goat / cow milk based) up 47% to USD248.0 million (RMB1.7 billion)
• Net profi up 315-332.8% to USD30.6-32.1 million (RMB210-220 million)

“”The business restructuring started taking effect,”” stated Ausnutria, “”The sales of our branded infant formulae increased continuously and so did the market demand.”” In 2016, it continued to build a global supply chain and to develop foreign nutritionals business. In particular, it acquired Australia-based nutritionals company Nutrition Care in August, signed a cooperation agreement with New Zealand’s 2nd largest dairy company Westland in September and launched a functional liquid milk “”Chun Naike”” for kids in December.

Currently, Ausnutria’s own brands of infant formulae makes up around 60% of its overall sales mix. It has 3 plants in the Netherlands and qualifid for supplying China (as well as its local plant in Hunan Province).

Recent years have witnessed rapid increases in Ausnutria’s sales of its infant formulae brands: up by 96.9% in 2014 and 70.7% in 2015. These are mainly goat milk based: “”Kabrita”” accounted for 4.4% of the sales mix in 2011 when it was launched, 25.6% in 2015 and 28.6% in H1 2016, becoming a signifiant source of profi to the company.

“”Kabrita”” is viewed as a long-run strategic product which, it is hoped, will continue driving Ausnutria’s fiancial performance. In China, infant goat milk formula is of great potential: some industry sources forecast that by 2020 local sales of milk formula will reach USD14.6 billion (RMB100 billion), with goat milk formula up from the current USD0.7 billion (RMB5 billion) to USD1.5 billion (RMB10 billion), 10% of the total.

Meanwhile, Ausnutria is also making efforts to expand its “”Kabrita”” business internationally. In 2014, it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for clinical testing, and there is a current application for sales in the US.”


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