Cyanuric Acid Market Situation in China

Date: 2015-08

“The Cyanuric Acid Market Situation in China Report 2015, as a professional study on China鈥檚 current cyanuric acid industry status covering production, consumption, export, influencing factors, future development as well as key players, can help clients, interested to procure or sell cyanuric acid in China, gain a clear understanding on China鈥檚 cyanuric acid鈥檚 current supply status, key suppliers and their competitive strength in cyanuric acid, major end uses in local market, export destinations, and factors influencing the above aspects and their future trends.

With this report, clients can
-Find out China鈥檚 key cyanuric acid suppliers and their current supply capability
-Gain an overall view of the latest cyanuric acid supply volume in China and the two key factors influencing China鈥檚 future supply
-Figure out the key end uses of cyanuric acid in China, and their development trends in coming years
-Understand the top destination countries of China鈥檚 cyanuric acid and their import volume from China in the recent year
-Select the suppliers based on profiles provided in this report and reach the key suppliers directly according to their contacts listed in this report

Cyanuric acid, a white, odorless solid and an industrially useful chemical that is widely used as a chlorine stabilizer in swimming pools, as a precursor to chlorinated cyanurates which are used to disinfect water, as a precursor to cross-linking agents, especially for polyurethane resins, as a raw material to manufacture many other types products like bleaches, water treatment products, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and also as a non-protein nitrogen additive used in animal feed and drinking water in some countries.

Cyanuric acid was first synthesized in the world by Friedrich W枚hler in 1 829 by the thermal decomposition of urea and uric acid. In China, cyanuric acid has been in production for more than thirty years, with urea and sulfuric acid as the raw materials, and now China has become an important cyanuric supplying country in the world. Driven by the robust demand from its key end uses, cyanuric acid production has been growing in recent years.

What is the current supply volume of cyanuric acid in China? Which are the key production regions? Who are the key suppliers and how big is their current capacity? CCM鈥檚 report The Cyanuric Acid Market Situation in China can answer all these questions for you.

Among its many applications, cyanuric acid in China is mainly to produce chlorinated isocyanurates, which has two types of commercially useful chlorinated isocyanurates: trichloroisocyanuric acid (abbreviated as TCCA) and sodium dichloroIsocyanurate (anhydrous and dihydrate) (abbreviated as SDIC), which are used as disinfecting, bleaching and sanitizing agents. The rest major applications include 1 ,3,5-Triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC), a cross-linking agent for polyurethane resins used in powder coatings, melamine cyanurate (MCA), a flame retardant in PA6, and triglycidyl isocyanurate (abbreviated as THEIC), which is mainly used to produce polyurethane type heat-resistant insulation paint.

How big is China鈥檚 market for cyanuric acid in recent year? What is the cyanuric acid consumption rate in each major end use sector and how will they develop in the coming years? You can find answers in CCM鈥檚 Cyanuric Acid Market Situation in China Report 2015.

Besides consumption in its domestic market, China’s cyanuric acid has also been exported and the export volume has been growing fast in recent five years. Which are the top countries and regions importing cyanuric acid from China? How big is China鈥檚 export volume of cyanuric acid to these countries and who are the major suppliers exporting their products to overseas markets? All these aspects are covered in CCM鈥檚 report.

The key aspects covered in CCM鈥檚 report:
-Current cyanuric acid production situation in China
-Current cyanuric acid consumption situation in China
Export analysis of China’s cyanuric acid in 2014
-Factors influencing China’s cyanuric acid production, import and export, and consumption
-Qualitative forecast on China’s cyanuric acid production, import and export, and consumption
-Profiles of major cyanuric acid producers in China


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