Current Account Customer Analytics

Date: 2015-11

The market share of providers, the year and channel of account opening, usage of different channels, the frequency of different banking activities, switching intentions, and overdraft behaviors are all covered to provide essential context to the mortgage market across 22 key countries, broken down by various demographic groups.

– This graphical and interactive interface allows the user to speed up their analysis of consumers’ behavior regarding current accounts.
– Gain a deeper insight into the country of your interest with detailed country-level data across age, income and asset bands, and account provider.
– Assess the consumer preferences for current accounts across countries and demographics to identify key strategic areas for expansion.

– What is the market share of providers by account primacy, i.e. primary bank account vs secondary bank account
– Which consumer segments are receptive to the idea of packaged accounts?
– What channels do different customer segments prefer when opening their bank account?
– How frequently do different customer segments use branch, online, mobile and telephone banking?
– How do switching rates compare across markets and demographic segments?

Key Highlights
Online and mobile banking sees regular customer usage, with significant numbers using these channels to access their bank account on a daily basis.

Sweden has progressed the furthest in shifting customers to the digital channels. Only 11% of Swedish consumers use visit a branch at least once a month. Whereas 82% log in through online banking at least once a month.

Across all markets studied by Verdict Financial consumers believe that overdraft charges are too complex and too high.”


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