Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1507(12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-08

“Though China has been the largest pesticide producer and exporter in the world, it still has not got much to say in the global pesticide industry. Working for multinational companies is the true relationship between foreign and domestic pesticide companies. Most of the top 100 pesticide enterprises in China keep a stable supplying relationship with foreign large pesticide enterprises, and this relationship is strengthening.

Pesticide innovation has always been a key point. There are only 50 pesticide ingredients innovated by Chinese institutions since 1985 due to the low industrial concentration and insufficient R&D investment, etc. What’s more, none of the China’s pesticide companies has large market share or high reputation in both domestic and global pesticide market. Though many pesticide patents in the world will be expired in the next few years and will bring big chance for Chinese pesticide enterprises, generics method is not a good way for the whole Chinese pesticide industry or even for some China’s pesticide companies due to the great risks.

In the aspect of pesticide patent application, local companies had been locked in the patent confrontation. The number applied by Chinese pesticide companies also lagged more behind than that of foreign companies. Six foreign pesticide companies each applied for more than 1,000 pesticide patents in China as of Mar. 2014. However, no domestic pesticide companies had more than 1,000 patents in China.

This issue analyzed the development situation of pesticide innovation and pesticide patent applications in China to let you better understand the Chinese pesticide industry in patent aspect.”


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