Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1504 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-05

“As representatives of pesticide industry in China, domestic listed pesticide enterprises are supposed to be the guides for the development of the whole industry. In this issue, annual reports of the 21 domestic listed enterprises involved in pesticides or pesticide intermediates were summarized and analyzed. In 2014, the pesticide industry in China still faced complex situation. The review of pesticide industry in 2014 will give a clear sign for the situation.

On the whole, the data from these listed pesticide enterprises in 2014 also showed an uptrend, while with slower growth compared with that in 2013: the total revenue of the 21 listed pesticide enterprises reached USD9,719.22 million, 6.14% higher YoY, with a growth rate which was much lower than that of 2013 (16.74%); the net profit of 21 listed pesticide enterprises reached USD742.57 million, 6.85% higher YoY, but the growth rate was far lower than that in 2013 (32.68%); the total pesticide revenue of the 21 enterprises reached USD5,780.98 million, 7.27% higher YoY.

The business performance of many companies was affected by their pesticide structure to some extent like Jiangsu Lanfeng. Adjustment of product structure and strategy transition have been carrying on by many enterprises, and M&A also affected much on the ranking of the pesticide listed enterprises. Pesticide E-business platforms had been under construction by many enterprises like Jiangsu Huifeng, Noposion and ENN-EC, and been seen as a new growth point for their pesticide business.

Exchange rate: USD100 = RMB 613.055, the same hereinafter.

As of April 29, 2015, one of the listed companies, Sinochem International Corporation (Sinochem International), has not published its 2014 annual report, so there is no information about it.

In this report, Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd. (Hebei Veyong) is renamed as ENN Ecological Holdings Co.,Ltd. (ENN-EC); Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Anhui Huaxing) is renamed as CEFC Anhui International Holding Co., Ltd. (CEFC International).

The net profit means ‘net profit attributable to shareholders of the company’ in the report.”


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