Crop Farming China E-News 1510 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-11

“China is expected to issue the agricultural reclamation reform program in Oct. 201 5. The Soochow Securities predicted that after
the reform, the stripping social functions will significantly strengthen the profitability of related companies, the subordinate listing companies of agricultural reclamation groups are expected to get asset injection and their land resources will be revalued.
In this article, CCM summarizes 7 major trends of China’s wheat industry released by the MOA. Thereinto, 5 are favorable while 2
are unfavorable for the industry.
In recent years, changes of rural areas and markets of drying machines may make grain dryer become major direction for rurual
machine purchase.
On 9 Oct., 201 5, the MOA released the notice on strict prohibition of illegally modified combine harvester and took relevant
measures to prevent the illegal modification of combine harvester. CCM believes that this act may promote the advanced upgrade
of combine harvester. Therefore, combine harvester manufacturers should get prepared in advance.
On 7-8 Sept., 201 5, the State Council issued a document, pointing out that the actual user of agricultural machinery by leasing can
enjoy the purchase subsidy.
CCM believes that China’s supporting forage planting is a positive factor for feed harvester. In this article, CCM will introduce three homemade feed harvesters in China.
Now, Henan is accelerating to transfer corn harvesting to corn kernel harvesting. Since 201 2, HPDA started to study the corn variety
suitable for kernel harvesting. In 201 5, Henan first includes corn kernel harvester in subsidy policy on purchasing agricultural
machinery. It is predicted that Henan will popularize corn kernel harvester in the coming 3-5 years.
In this article, CCM will give a brief analysis on three characteristics of China’s coal-based polyolefins market in 2015.
Chinese scientists utilized natural variation group formed by corn materials in different areas in the world and applied the strategy of genome-wide association analysis and research to found that ZmNAC111 , the gene of the transcription factor with the coding of
NAC in the No.1 0 chromosome of corn, exerts an important influence on the drought tolerance of corn.
Chinese researchers utilized the character of CRISPR/Cas’s specific recognition of virus and exogenous DNA found lately in
bacteria, and then transplanted the cutting system of CRISPR into plants and built DNA virus defense system in plants.”


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