Crop Farming China E-News 1509

Date: 2015-10

“On 11 Aug., 2015, the MOA released a document to promote the whole-process mechanization in producing major crops. At present, China’s planting area of nine major crops accounts for about 87% of the total cultivated area. In this article, CCM will describe the mechanization level of nine major crops in tillage, planting and harvesting and introduce the mechanization condition of crops in crop protection, drying and straw disposing

In 2015, Gifore Agricultural Machinery turns losses into gains through spinning off its business at loss, introducing featured business related to agricultural machinery by M&As, adjusting businesses and changing marketing mode. CCM believes that it will gradually transform into an agricultural machinery enterprises engaging in production and sales in the future.

In H1 2015, China’s agricultural machinery market presents five basic features in the New Normal.

Among Chinese 27 listing agricultural machinery enterprises, 5 of them have launched online selling by two modes. One is that enterprises do not participate in product sales; the other is equivalent to direct sales which may impact the traditional distribution channel and dampen distributors’ initiative.

China’s agricultural machinery lease has great development potential. In recent years, Chinese government, financial institutions and agricultural machinery enterprises all dabble in the field of finance lease. CCM considered that finance lease may offer opportunity to enterprises engaging in large-sized agricultural machinery businesses.

On 8 Sept., 2015, AGCO put its new production base into operation in Wujin National High-tech Industrial Zone. It is disclosed that this base is the largest project invested by AGCO in the world, which not only cater to Chinese market, but also will become the world’s supply base of its 70-130 horsepower tractor.

On 9 Sept., 2015, AGCO signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Alibaba. CCM analyzes three reasons of this cooperation.

This article briefly describes the domestic market, imports & exports and price of agricultural machinery industry in Jan. to Aug. 2015. It also simply introduces the market predication of agricultural machinery industry in Sept.-Dec. 2015.

In recent five years, China’s import dependence on EVA always remains at 69%-77%. At present, China’s effective capacity of EVA totals 500,000 t/a. In the coming years, the figure may rise by 800,000 t/a-1.1 million t/a and China’s self-supply ability of EVA will be significantly strengthened at that time. This article is going to brief the current situation and the prediction of EVA’s production

Dr Cheng Jun from WBG, CAS, revealed that inserting two bases into the coding region of peach flowers’ variegated phenotype gene Riant causes frame shift mutation. Thus the flowers become white. While after inserting one base into the coding region or deleting two bases, the flowers presents red color. Besides, the gene mutation of Riant can occur in different development stages of flower buds and will form different chimeras in epidermis cell (L1) and its substratum (L2), causing the variegated coloration of peach flower.

Chinese scientists from the research group on the biology of crop resources in Southwest China, CIB, CAS, revealed the gene mutation mechanism of HvVRN1, the haplotype classification and allelic variation of HvVRN1 and HvVRN2 in Chinese barley as well as their corresponding relations with environmental adaptability of barley variety.



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