Credit Card Customer Analytics

Date: 2015-11

Credit Card Customer Analytics is a powerful interactive tool providing direct answers to the questions that are central to developing a customer-centric product and marketing strategy. It speeds up analysis of the global credit card customer by offering essential insight at a country and demographic level across 24 countries.

– Global consumer data drawn from our annual survey of 20,000 consumers in 24 countries.
– Detailed insight into the cards consumers hold, including credit card penetration, application channels, premium branding, and what is top of wallet.
– Granular data on product features and how important these are to credit card choice. Includes rewards, contactless, and promotional pricing.
– Deep insight into switchers. Identifies the groups looking for a new card, and then the product features these customers want from a new issuer.

– How can I develop product propositions to grow my credit card portfolio?
– Which are the underpenetrated consumer groups, and what product or service features are they looking for?
– What proportion of consumers in my market are transactors and revolvers? How does my market compare globally?
– How important are reward points to consumers in my market, and how does this compare to cashback or insurance benefits?
– What is the penetration of contactless functionality from the customer perspective? How important is this in their choice of credit card?

Key Highlights
In the UK, in 2014 17.9% of credit card holders stated that they were quite likely or very likely to look for a new card in the near future; this compares to only 15.8% in 2013. 37.0% of potential switchers will look for a card that offers a low interest rate

In Australia more than 18.0% of respondents reported that they had a credit card with contactless functionality in 2014. This is the highest rate among our featured countries, and is an increase from 11.0% in 2013. By contrast, Sweden recorded the lowest percentage in 2014 (1.7%).

Consumers in Hong Kong demonstrate the greatest aversion to credit card debt, with 73.6% of credit card holders paying off their balance in full in 2014. However, there is a wide disparity in the Asia Pacific region, with figures of 29.3%, 35.9%, and 44.3% being recorded in Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia respectively.”


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