Corn Products China News 1511 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-12

“In Q4 201 5, Chinese government will continuously implement the active financial policy to stimulate the national consumption in order to achieve the goal of maintaining the GDP growth rate at >=7%. Meanwhile, Q4 is the sales season of pork. So, it is predicted that the pork price would further go up, pulling up the CPI to about 2.4%. Feed market is expected to be boosted, providing a favorable turn for corn deep-processing industry.

Entering Nov., China initiates a new-round purchase of temporarily-stored corn, which slightly promotes the corn price which has fallen to the bottom. The prices of lysine, citric acid and corn starch rebound.

For company dynamics, the shrinking market space forced Chinese corn deep-processing enterprises to frequently make reform, reorganization, cross-industrial acquisition and business split.

Regarding the international trade, in Jan.-Oct., China’s import & export volume recorded a YoY drop of 8.5%, of which the export volume was down by 2.5% year on year. Affected by the severe trading situation, China’s exports of corn deep-processed products also slow down and even decline. According to China Customs, China exported 1 87,295 tonnes of corn deep-processed products
in Aug., down 1 3.4% month on month.

In Dec., affected by the continued low corn price, the operating rate of China’s deep-processing industry will increase, helping consume the huge corn inventory.

The USD/RMB exchange rate in this report is USD1 .00=RMB6.31 54 on 2 Nov., 201 5, sourced from the People’s Bank of China. All the prices mentioned in this report will include the VAT, unless otherwise specified.”



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