Contactless Payment Cards: Defining the Market

Date: 2015-11

This report looks at the contactless payment card landscape, dissecting the current market environment in 20 major markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas from the consumer, merchant, issuer, and card scheme angles. The last section of the report discusses the trends that are surfacing in the global contactless payment cards environment.

– Discover the most recent developments in contactless payment cards and what they mean for the market going forward.
– Gain insight of where the next contactless payment opportunities will be in the major payment card markets around the world.
– Plan your strategy by understanding the potential of contactless payments with Verdict Financial’s objective insights.

– What are the recent developments in the global contactless payment cards market?
– How can I get consumers and merchants to adopt contactless payments?
– How will the future development of contactless payments benefit my business?

Key Highlights
Consumers have become more appreciative of the convenience that contactless cards provide, meaning growth in user uptake has been significant all over the world. At the same time, it is not only up to the enthusiasm of consumers to drive adoption of contactless payment cards.

In many markets where contactless payment cards have high penetration, issuers are only issuing contactless-enabled payment cards, rather than providing consumers with other options. More consumers are now carrying contactless cards, in some cases without realizing. This makes the next phase of contactless growth all about driving usage upward.

The next area for growth opportunities in contactless payments is the public transportation sector. Operators are always looking at ways to reduce the cost of ticket processing, especially in densely populated urban areas where public transportation usage is very high.”


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