Consumer-Facing Apps in Insurance

Date: 2015-11

Apps have rapidly grown in popularity following the rise of mobile devices. Insurers are now trying to jump on the bandwagon, but there is still ground to cover to convince consumers of the benefits of using insurance apps.

– Gain insight into the features that can improve the user’s experience of an app.
– Examine the major insurance apps currently on the market.
– Analyze how the insurance app space is likely to develop in the future.

– What are the primary functions of mobile apps in insurance and how can these be complemented?
– Which apps are most popular with consumers and why?
– How can insurance app providers improve the user experience?

Key Highlights
Providers need to target specific consumer needs in order to improve the currently skeptical perception of insurance apps.

The most popular apps are those not tied to a single insurer, as these draw from a larger pool of customers.

Convergence of functionality will enable consumers to do more with fewer apps in the future.”


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