Cigars & Cigarillos: Key Markets 2014 – Volume 1

Date: 2015-09

“• In Australia, Cigarillos became a popular entry level product with the result that volumes jumped to 82.9million pieces or 227 tonnes in 2005. ERC estimates place sales at 58.4 million pieces in 2013 which compares with 51 million pieces in 1997 and 83 million pieces in 2005
• Cigar and cigarillo consumption in Belgium and Luxembourg is in steady decline and was down to 396.0 million pieces in 2013. Consumption is 41.2% below 1990 levels and is expected to continue to decline despite some evidence of stability during 2014
• Denmark has long been an established market for cigar products despite consumption being in almost continuous decline until very recently. Indeed, after successive annual falls between 1990 and 2010, the market has been expanding since 2011 and grew by 25.9% in 2012 and by 41.1% in 2013, boosted by value cigarillo sales.”


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