Cigars & Cigarillos in Spain

Date: 2015-09

“• Spain is a large and expanding market for cigars and cigarillos with consumption standing at a record high of 2,329.6 million pieces in 2013, equivalent to 49.2pieces/year on a per capita basis. Although the market contracted by 1.6% in 2005 with a more severe 7.5% drop recorded in 2006, market volume has since recovered, increasing by 6.5% in 2007, 2.4% in 2008 and by a further 4.3% in 2009, despite the difficult economic conditions.
• The arrival and popularity of filter cigarillos since 2008 helped bring about a 30.4% expansion in volumes during 2010, a 22.4% rise in 2011, an 18.3% increase in 2012 and a 4.8% increase in 2013.”


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