Cigars & Cigarillos in Australia

Date: 2015-09

“• In Australia, Cigarillos became a popular entry level product with the result that volumes jumped to 82.9million pieces or 227 tonnes in 2005. ERC estimates place sales at 58.4 million pieces in 2013
• which compares with 51 million pieces in 1997 and 83 million pieces in 2005
• Cigarillos and medium cigars are by far the most popular product in the market, their lower price and attraction as an alternative form of tobacco for those entering the market explaining their popularity.
• Despite volumes falling from their 2005 high of 73.2 million pieces to 55.1 million pieces in 2013 they account for an improved 94.3% of volume.
• The other sector, large cigars, accounts for the remaining 5.7% of volumes. They, too, have seen sales fall back significantly from 9.8 million pieces in 2003 to 3.3 million pieces in 2013 and appear to have benefited much less from pre-tax rise purchases.”


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