China Titanium Dioxide Industry Trend under Changing Environment

Date: 2015-05

“China has become the biggest titanium dioxide production country since 2009. From 2009 to 2013, domestic capacity of titanium dioxide increased from 1,766,000 t/a to 3,037,000 t/a, with a CAGR of 14.52%. China is one of the largest consumers of titanium dioxide in the world. Titanium dioxide made in China is mainly for domestic use. In 2013, its apparent consumption volume was about 1,782,062 tonnes. China has been a net exporter of titanium dioxide since 2010. From 2010 to 2013, the relevant export volume increased from327,308 tonnes to 449,224 tonnes, with a CAGR of 11.13%.

To help the development of chlorination process technology is a big opportunity in China’s titanium dioxide industry. Facing the PEST factors in the outer environment, manufacturer respondents believed that technological factor plays the most important role in 2014-2016. It is forecasted that domestic capacity of titanium dioxide will reach 3,150,000 t/a, while its output will hit 2,374,938 tonnes in 2018. To the downstream industries, the business of titanium dioxide is more popular in ink industry and plastic industry in the future.

Overall, China’s titanium industry is worth expecting in the future.

Industrial affairs:
In recent years, the consumption of titanium dioxide has been increasing in China. It’s estimated that the consumption of titanium dioxide reached 1,782,062 tonnes in 2013. Meanwhile, its output increased to 1,987,300 tonnes.

China’s position:
Since 2009, China has become the biggest titanium dioxide production country. But the process technology still limits the high-end product production of titanium dioxide.

Purpose of report:
CCM devotes itself to research further on the China titanium dioxide industry and helps customer know deeply about the development trend of China titanium dioxide demand.

Application user:
-Raw material manufacturers of titanium dioxide;
-Purchasers of titanium dioxide;
-Production managers of titanium dioxide;
-Professional engineers from titanium dioxide field and its related application industries
-Investors who take interest in China’s and global titanium dioxide and its downstream industries such as coating industry;

What to report:
The report covered the following aspects:
-China’s production, export and consumption of titanium dioxide in 2009-2013 and its development trend in the near future
-The view of industry practitioners about the PEST factors, competition, and consumption in China’s titanium dioxide industry, including the opinion on Asian market.

Forecast on industry:
CCM predicts the development trend of China titanium dioxide in production and the consumption forecast of China’s titanium dioxide during 2014 to 2018.

Value to client:
-Discovering the current production situation of titanium dioxide in China;
-Understanding the consumption trend of China’s titanium dioxide;
-Obtaining the forecast of China’s titanium dioxide during 2014 to 2018;

-CCM online-survey
Through the CCM online-survey, CCM got the comment or data from the respondents. The respondents include domestic producers, consumers and distributor in China titanium dioxide industry.
-Desk based research
-Telephone interviews
According to telephone interviews, CCM has further known about the China titanium dioxide production and sales situation.”


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