China Li-ion Battery E-News 1512

Date: 2016-04

“In March 2016, Chinese market price of Li-ion battery cell remains stable, after a slight increase in the second half of Feb. Influenced by the inspection on local subsidy for alternative energy vehicle, the growth in domestic output of power Li-ion battery slowed down in Q1. Despite this, the prices of power Li-ion battery remain stable and a strong demand is expected.

This month, Shenzhen Wanyue Power New Energy Co., Ltd. and Hunan Melsen Power Technology Group Co., Ltd. have announced to invest in constructing projects for power Li-ion batteries.

– Cathode material:

Because of the continuous increase in the price of lithium carbonate, the prices of main cathode materials increase by varying degrees. However, as the production of lithium carbonate gradually resumed, the tight supply was alleviated gradually. Thus, the market prices of cathode materials are expected to remain stable.

– Anode material:

The market trade of anode materials goes on smoothly. As the alternative energy vehicle market continue to grow, more and more new projects of anode materials have been developed in recent years. This year, large amount of new capacities is up and running and further aggravates the excessive supply of anode materials. Some insiders predicted that the average annual domestic prices of anode materials will decline by about 5% this year.

– Separator:

The separator market develops smoothly. There is strong demand for medium and high-end separator from power Li-ion battery industry. Cangzhou MingZhu Plastic Co., Ltd. said that last year 60% of its products were supplied to power Li-ion battery customers, the largest of which was BYD Company Limited. However, as more and more new capacity releases, the prices of separator may decline.

– Electrolyte:

The raw material lithium salt has caught much attention of the electrolyte industry. Currently, the price of LiPF6 reaches as high as USD67,294/t (RMB440,000/t), resulting from the short supply. Although the price of electrolyte also increased accordingly, the increased price can’t make up the increased cost of raw materials, that’s why the profit margin narrowed.”


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