China Li-ion Battery E-News 1509

Date: 2015-10

“In September 2015, the MIIT released the Standard Conditions of Li-ion Battery Industry. This will effectively prevent the speculative business enterprises from flooding into the power Li-ion battery market and further revoking vicious competition. Also, it will play a role in accelerating the elimination in overcapacity, improving the industry concentration and finally stabilising the industry development.
In September 2015, NDRC released the Exposure Draft to the Policy on the Recycling Technology for Electric Vehicle Power Storage Battery (2015 Version). It is the first time to clearly define the entities responsible for recycling. CCM believes that it will pave ways for power Li-ion battery producers and EV producers to reduce cost.
In September 2015, the global lithium carbonate giant player FMC announced to worldwide up-regulate the prices of lithium products (lithium carbonate for instance) from 1 Oct. This will further push up the prices of the domestic lithium carbonate.
In late September 2015, Western Resources announced its capital increase with Suzhou Lineng to Youlion Battery, for the capacity expansion of power Li-ion battery. This will greatly support Western Resources’ development of the alternative energy vehicle business in size and strength.
At the end of August, 2015, Guizhou Anda released the half-yearly financial report. Thanks to the strong demand for ferric phosphate and LFP, the company achieved a large YoY growth of 508% in net profit. In H2, it planned to successively put new production lines into operation.
At the end of August 2015, Do-Fluoride released the half-yearly financial report, saying that it had made a turnaround in the business performance. As the demand for power Li-ion battery outstripped the supply, the company has been accelerating the capacity reconstruction and expansion, and meanwhile has considered stripping off the traditional fluoride salt business.
In September 2015, Tesla signed a cooperation agreement with Pure Energy Minerals, which will give Tesla preferential treatment to purchase lithium hydroxide at a price lower than the market price. In addition, Tesla has signed supply agreements with 2 Mexican lithium producers earlier. According to CCM鈥檚 analysis, it will be a competitive edge for Tesla to boost future profits through obtaining lithium resources.
On 17 Sept., 2015, an 8.3-magnitude earthquake followed by several aftershocks struck off the coast of Chile, causing surge in some northwest regions. The disaster will affect Chile鈥檚 sea transportation for a while. Since Chile is a dominant supplier in the global lithium market, its reduction of lithium products export will undoubtedly cause a price rise globally.
In September 2015, ZD initiated the construction of the production base in Ningbo City, aimed at specifically serving the new vehicle production. Meanwhile, Beijing Boston-Power also announced the development of new power Li-ion battery pack for ZD鈥檚 upgraded vehicle model.
In late September 2015, Do-Fluoride announced that its subsidiary, Do-Fluoride (Jiaozuo) had signed power Li-ion battery supply agreement with 2 leading alternative energy vehicle manufacturers in China, valued at more than USD313.72 million (RMB2 billion). It will promote the development of Do-Fluoride鈥檚 emerging alternative energy business.”


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