China Li-ion Battery E-News 1507(12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-08

“In July 2015, CCM finds a “normal” in China’s Li-ion battery industry that enterprises are marching into the emerging downstream alternative energy vehicle industry and its related fields.

– Ganfeng Lithium, a giant player in lithium resources, officially stepped into the downstream Li-ion battery field through M&A, and planned to gradually cut in the supply chain of power Li-ion battery
– Beijing Easpring developed NCA cathode material business through strategic cooperation, to expand its business of cathode material for power Li-ion battery
– Ningbo Shanshan established an equity investment fund for alternative energy vehicle business in Shenzhen, to invest in related business and enterprises

This can be ascribed to the rapid development of the domestic alternative energy vehicle market. In H1 2015, the accumulative output increased by 200% YoY, and exceeded the full-year output in 2014.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has been continuously promoting the use of alternative energy vehicle nationwide. For instance, in late July, the NEA disclosed that the planning and related guidelines for the construction of EV charging infrastructure would be officially issued at the end of July or in early August 2015.

CCM believes that the new policy will arouse the enthusiasm to construct charging piles in various regions and stimulate relevant enterprises to make business layout, so as to help solve problems like insufficient charging infrastructure and difficulty in charging, and further the popularisation of alternative energy vehicle, especially BEV.”



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