China Is The World’s Largest Producing Country of Phytol

Date: 2016-09-11

Phytol is an acyclic diterpene alcohol that can be used as a precursor for the manufacture of synthetic forms of vitamin E and vitamin K1. In ruminants, the gut fermentation of ingested plant materials liberates phytol, a constituent of chlorophyll, which is then converted to phytanic acid and stored in fats. In shark liver it yields pristane. Natural phytol is an oil-like liquid. The product is made of natural plant as raw material, after refining, processing, purification, and obtained natural alcohols finally.

Although phytol has been extracted from silkworm feces and then used as the raw material of vitamin E since 1950s, but its output and the number of producers are still small at present. 

The global phytol market is projected to grow at a CAGR about 4.5%. According to our survey, China is the world’s largest producing country of phytol, and is also the phytol main export country. The Chinese market (phytol output) is estimated to occupy about 80% of global market.

The global key players in China are the following:


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