China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1511 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-12

“In November 2015, CCM was invited to make a speech at the 15th International Fine Chemicals Market Seminar, namely LiPF6 Benefiting from Explosive Growth of Alternative Energy Vehicle. According to analyst CCM:

The fluorochemical industry continues a downward trend in 2015 – enterprises’ profit margins are narrowed down and the business operations are under heavy pressure. In H2 particularly, the market is trapped in continuous falls – November saw low prices of fluorite (CaF2>97%), AHF (99.95%), R22 and PTFE.

However, the LiPF6 market shows ups in both volume and price. This can be mainly attributed to the sharp increases in sales of electrolyte and the constant rises in price of lithium carbonate. In October, the price was 25% higher than that early this year.

Under this circumstance, many domestic LiPF6 producers have successively planned to expand the production capacity, including Jiangsu Jiujiujiu and Jiangsu Xintai.

In addition, the explosive growth of alternative energy vehicle market and the release of the Guidelines to Develop Industry Key and Common Technology (2015) in which crystal LiPF6 is listed for technology innovation, will also play a role in supporting the LiPF6 industry development. CCM expects the market price of LiPF6 to rise to USD20,585-23,751/t (RMB130,000-150,000/t) in 2016.”


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