ASCO ‘13 – Promise of Novel Targets/Technologies to Unfold At ASCO 2013

US$ 140

New cancer therapies are being developed through targeted approaches that can accelerate development of more efficacious, personalized treatments.

07-22 2015   Pages: 12

Infinity Pharma – ASCO ‘13 to Reinstate Faith in IPI-145!

US$ 140

Infinity (INFI) shares down on concerns that IPI-145 (PI3K-delta, gamma isoform inhibitor, PhI/II, hematological malignancies, inflammation) may not be differentiated enough from Gilead’s idelalisib (GS-1101, PI3K delta, PhIII) or other new compounds in the pipeline.

07-22 2015   Pages: 4

Halozyme – HyQvia Approval in EU and Upcoming milestones = Upside

US$ 140

Approval of HyQvia (L, 10% Gammagard liquid + rHuPH20, partnered with Baxter for primary immunodeficiencies, PI) in Europe increases the probability of approval of Herceptin SC and MabThera SC in 2Q13 and YE13 respectively. Clarity on the timelines of approval of HyQvia SC in US is expected this quarter.

07-22 2015   Pages: 4

Pharmacyclics – Ibrutinib: A Game Changer – 3 Breakthrough Therapy Designations + More Data @ ASCO/EHA ‘13

US$ 140

ASCO ‘13 abstracts highlight Ibrutinib (PCI-32765, PhIII, BTK inhibitor, partnered with JNJ, PhIII, CLL/SLL/PLL, MCL; PhII, DLBCL, MM, FL) leads in the new treatment options in development for hematological malignancies. Ibrutinib, a small molecule is being studied as a monotherapy and has shown robust efficacy and safety vs. GILD’s PI3K inhibitor, Idelalisib (PhIII, CLL; PhII, NHL).

07-22 2015   Pages: 10

Innovative Drug Delivery Systems: Novel Product and Formulation Technology Licensing Opportunities for Generic Pharmaceutical Companies

US$ 2500

There are more than 1400 sustained or controlled release drugs approved all over the world. Revenues within the global generics market reached an estimated value of $265 b in 2012, showing a growth of 9.3% throughout the year. The contribution of generics is approximately 20% of the overall international pharmaceutical market. Utilization of generic in terms of volume is higher in the US and lower in Japan, 89% and 24% respectively.

07-22 2015   Pages: 123

ASTRAZENECA : AZN: Omthera Acquisition – Valuations defensive, leaves room for upside

US$ 90

AstraZeneca today announced acquisition of Omthera Pharma for $260m in cash and $120m in form of contingent value rights. The acquisition gives AstraZeneca access to fish oil product Epanova, currently in PhIII (NDA filing expected mid 2013) for the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia.

07-22 2015   Pages: 3

PFIZER – MERCK alliance for Ertugliflozin – Not a better partner than Merck

US$ 90

Merck-Pfizer deal for SGLT2 inhibitor – Ertugliflozin is positive and we see Merck as an ideal partner. The fixed dose combination of Ertugliflozin and Januvia should allow Ertugliflozin a head start in an otherwise competitive market.

07-22 2015   Pages: 2

ASTELLAS, ZERIA – Acofide: Superior Enough To Create a Niche and Stand Differentiated Amongst the Generic Functional Dyspepsia Market

US$ 90

Astellas/Zeria in March received approval of Acofide (Acotiamide, Acetylcholine esterase inhibitor, PhIII EU/PhII US) for treatment of Functional dyspepsia (FD) diagnosed by ROME III criteria in Japan. As the market of FD is genericized and FD is not recognized formally by the Japan Medical Insurance system, to the eye it would appear that Acofide’s JP potential would not be much.

07-22 2015   Pages: 4

Xtandi- The Real Potential and the Astellas Part!

US$ 500

“Xtandi- The Real Potential and the Astellas Part!
Expectations that Xtandi (Enzalutamide, Approved, Prostate Cancer) is going to bring a paradigm shift to treat prostate cancer as an ideal antiandrogen therapy (includes positive expectation from interim analysis of PREVAIL expected at ESMO-13/ early 4Q 2013 study in pre-chemo setting) has recently resulted in a rally in Astellas’ price.

07-21 2015   Pages: 12

ENDOCYTE – Small and Powerful Targeted Therapy!

US$ 140

Endocyte’s (ECYT) SMDC technology platform and drug pipeline caught investor’s attention when Merck paid total $1b + 50/50 profit sharing in US + royalty payment on ex. US to its key drug Vintafolide. ECYT expects a response to the 120-day questions submission by mid year based on which Merck will make a no/go decision on the MAA.

07-21 2015   Pages: 11
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