Disruptive Behavior Disorders (DBD) Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Disruptive Behavior Disorders (DBD) is behavioral disorders characterized by hostile and defiant behaviors that children and adolescents direct towards others. There are various forms of disruptive behavior disorders, two most common forms are Conduct Disorder (CD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). ODD is characterized by hostility, defiant and disobedient behaviors directed towards parents, teachers and others. In CD, person shows persistent and repetitive behaviors, violating the basic rights and causing social disturbances.

12-27 2016   Pages: 170

Disposable Glove Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Disposable gloves are recommended for hand hygiene in health-care, they are used in various medical procedures. Disposable Gloves include sterile or non-sterile examination gloves, specific surgical gloves and chemotherapy gloves.

12-27 2016   Pages: 162

Disperse Dye Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Disperse dyes are synthetic in nature and are far less water-soluble. Dye material is finely grounded in the form of paste or a powder. Disperse dyes are generally used with dye bath solutions in which dispersing agents are employed to increase the water solubility of the dye. Disperse dyes are used to dye cellulose acetate, cellulose triacetate, polyester, nylon and acrylic fibers. The high usage of disperse dyes in the textile fibers market is expected to impel the global disperse dyes market.

12-27 2016   Pages: 76

Dimethyl Terephthalate Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) is the diester formed from terephthalic acid and methanol. It is a white solid that melts to give a distillable colorless liquid and is used primarily to make linear, saturated polyester resins, fibers and films by blending with glycols. DMT is chiefly used for the production of intermediate polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer also known as reactor-grade polyester or PET melt-phase resin. PET engineering resins are formed from recycled postindustrial and postconsumer materials.

12-27 2016   Pages: 145

Styrene Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Styrene is a colourless oily organic compound and is a derivative of benzene. Styrene evaporates easily and is also used as a precursor to polystyrene and several other copolymers. It occurs naturally in small quantities in different foods and plants and is also found in coal tar. The styrene market is highly diversified and it includes various types of styrene derivatives, each having a wide range of applications across various sectors of the market. Globally growing end-use industries and increasing spending on end-user application industries such as automotive and construction are expected to be the key growth drivers for the styrene market during the period of study.

12-27 2016   Pages: 135

Stethoscopes Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“A stethoscope is a diagnostic instrument used by medical professionals for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body.

12-27 2016   Pages: 143

Sterilization Equipment Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“The term sterilization refers to any procedure in medical industry that helps in destroying all forms of microbial life and transmissible agents. Transmissible agents are bacteria, fungi, spore forms and virus. These micro-organisms and transmissible agents are present on the surface of medical instruments, contained in medication, fluid and biological culture media. Sterilization helps in making these culture media infection free by applying heat, pressure, chemical and filtration. This process disables the infectious protein like prions of the micro-organism and hence results in infection free medium.

12-27 2016   Pages: 141

Stem Cell Therapies Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Stem-cell therapy medical practice which is used to treat or prevent a disease or condition using stem cells.Recent inventions and R&D activities have shown that stem cells have tremendous promise to help us understand and treat a range of diseases, injuries and other health-related conditions. Globally increasing R&D activities and growing interest of the major pharmaceutical players in stem cell therapy is expected to drive the demand during the period of study.

12-27 2016   Pages: 149

Steel Rebar Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Reinforcing bar, also called rebar, is a common steel bar that is hot rolled and is used widely in the construction industry, especially for concrete reinforcement. Steel rebar is most commonly used as a tensioning devise to reinforce concrete and other masonry structures to help hold the concrete in a compressed state. Concrete is a material that is very strong in compression, but virtually without strength in tension. To compensate for this imbalance in a concrete slab’s behavior, reinforcement bar is cast into it to carry the tensile loads. Globally increasing construction activities and advancement of construction technologies is expected to drive the global demand during the period of study.

12-27 2016   Pages: 155

Steel Framing Market Analysis

US$ 5250

“Steel frames can be defined as an structure made up of steel and used by the modern construction industry used to increase the safety standards and increase the life of the building. Modern building & construction players are extensively using the steel frames in building and construction applications looking at the architectural freedom and reliability provided by steel.

12-27 2016   Pages: 165
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