3D Sensors Market Analysis: Sensing Technology (Interactive Displays, Capacitive, Infrared, Ultrasonic, Electric Field, Image Sensor, MEMS); Verticals (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Robotics, Industrial Automation) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“3D Sensors are a collection of key technologies and components which enable and expand the range of myriad products across industries. Gesture recognition, facial and motion detection, industrial automation, home automation and security are most popular areas enabled exclusively due to the availability of 3D sensors and systems to various product OEMs and ODMs.

01-24 2016   Pages: 180

3D Scanning Market Analysis: By Technology (Laser, White Light, CMM, others), By Range (Short, Mid, Long), By Application (Reverse Engineering, Inspection, others), By End Use Industry (Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Others) – Forecast (2015- 2021)

US$ 5250

“3D Scanning is a simple method of building virtual models of objects by undertaking physical measurements of the object. This process is quick and accurate and the device which facilitates the capturing of 3D scan information is a 3D scanner. The output of the 3D scanner which is called 3D scan data is used to convert the data into virtual models and enables comparison with the intended design of the physical object.

01-24 2016   Pages: 174

3D Printing Materials Market by Type [Plastics (PLA, ABS, PVA), Metals (Titanium, Steel, Silver), Ceramics]; By Form (Filament, Powder, Liquid); Application (Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare) – (2013 – 2020)

US$ 3850

“3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) is used to convert a 3D model available with us into a three dimensional object through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down under artificial intelligence and the material used for this purpose is called 3D printing material.

01-24 2016   Pages: 135

3D Printing in Healthcare Market: Role and Opportunities: By Technology (LBM, EBM, Stereolithography and others); By Material (Metal, Cells and others); By Application (Implants, Tissue Engineering and others) & By Geography – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“3D printing has begun to flourish in various application areas in healthcare such as dental, medical, implants, drug manufacturing and so on. The materials used for these purposes vary accordingly. While dental implants mostly use metals and ceramics to print dental crowns, the medical industry has its own array of bio-materials.

01-24 2016   Pages: 240
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