North American Learning Management Systems Market is Estimated to Witness a CAGR of 23.1%

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North American learning management systems market is estimated to witness a CAGR of 23.1%

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Middle Eastern Learning Management Systems Market is Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 29.9%

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KSA holds the major share (60.87%) of the overall Middle Eastern learning management systems market by 2014. The Middle Eastern learning management systems market is primarily driven by technological advancements and increase in demand for higher education.

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Smart Education and Learning Market by Hardware (IWB & SBL), Software (LMS/LCMS, ERP, Test & Assessment, Mobile Education Apps), Educational Content (Audio & Video Courseware, E-Textbooks), Learning Modes, User Type, & Region – Global Forecast to 2020

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“Over the past few years, the market for smart education has developed and adopted the latest technology due to an increasing demand from K-12 and higher education institutions. This market involves the recent implementation of innovative hardware, software and services, and educational content to create an innovative learning environment.

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Serious Game Market by Vertical (Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Retail, Media and Advertising), Application (Training, Sales, Human Resource, Marketing), Platform, End-User (Enterprise, Consumer), and Region – Forecast to 2020

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The term serious game was coined by Clark Abt in the 1970s in his book “Serious Games”. It refers to various digital applications that are developed to impart learning through games. It includes games whose main purpose is not to entertain, but to educate and teach users and create awareness about a subject.

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Secure Web Gateway Market by Solution (Email Gateway, Data Loss Prevention, Social Media Control, Content Inspection Management), by Services (Consulting, Professional, and Training and Education), by User Type, by Verticals, & by Region – Global forecast to 2020

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“The extensive technological advancements such as cloud and mobility are considerably renovating the work patterns in organizations. In the recent years, businesses have progressively incorporated numerous technological developments such as cloud, mobility and social media which further leads to upsurge in the amount of data generated among organizations.

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Cognitive Computing Market by Technology (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Automated Reasoning), by Deployment Model (On-Premises, Cloud) & by Regions – Global Forecast to 2019

US$ 4650

“The cognitive computing system works on the principle of neocortex, a part of human brain that helps humans in effective decision making on the basis of contextual and behavioral analysis. Now-a-days, computer system are already programmed and they are only eligible to do exactly what they are told but cognitive computing system works on completely different mechanism, they continuously learns from the patterns and past data without being programmed.

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Mobile Learning Market by Solution (Mobile Content Authoring, E-books, Portable LMS, Mobile and Video-based Courseware, Interactive Assessments, Content Development, M-Enablement), by Applications, by User Type, & by Region – Global Forecast to 2020

US$ 4650

“In today’s digital age, the use of technology can be seen in nearly every sector of the market. Education and training domain also has been impacted by it. The latest development is the mobile learning solutions which enable companies and educational institutions to provide training and learning through mobile devices and smartphones.

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Human Capital Management Market by Solution (Core HR, Workforce Management, Compensation Management, Performance Management, Recruiting, Learning Management, Employee Collaboration and Engagement), by Industry Verticals , & by Region – Global Forecast to 2019

US$ 4650

“The HCM market is an emerging technology with range of developments reshaping the organizational structure through constant changes in the management of human resource. HCM has gained significant traction across all the major regions due to the increasing demand of better solutions by the enterprise user.

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Access Control Market by Product (Cards & Readers, Biometrics, Controllers, Management Software), Application (Commercial, Residential, Military & Defense, Government, Industrial, Healthcare, Education) & By Geography – Global Forecast & Analysis to 2020

US$ 4650

“Currently, cloud computing is one of the fastest growing segments in the semiconductor and telecommunication industry, with the researchers continually integrating cloud with different technologies; access control being one of them. With the unification of cloud services with the access control systems, the users were able to get rid of the mesh of wires and huge controllers that were used in the conventional access control systems.

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Video on Demand (VOD) Market by Solution (Pay TV, OTT, IPTV), by Delivery (TVOD, SVOD, NVOD), by Application (Entertainment, Education and Training, Video Kiosk, E-commerce, Digital Libraries), and by Geography – Global Forecast and Analysis to 2019

US$ 4650

“The organizations across verticals use video on demand service for entertainment where movies and other programs are transmitted digitally, for education where video are used for training and learning purpose, and video conferencing in which presentations are delivered in form of video clips. Although VOD is largely used in all these areas, it is sometimes not widely implemented. The biggest obstacle is the lack of infrastructure that manages large amount of data mostly required by a video. The report specifies the important inputs such as drivers, restraints, opportunities in VOD market

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