Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation Market Analysis: By Course of Treatment (Single Injection, Multiple Injections); By Osteoarthritis (Knee, Hip, Ankle, and Shoulder) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“Viscosupplementation is the treatment for Osteoarthritis which is the most common joint disease affecting the middle age to elderly section of the people. In this method, doses of hyaluronic acid are given through injections in affected joints in the synovial fluid. The course of treatment can be of single injection formulation or subsequent doses of multiple-injection (three-injection) formulation.

01-25 2016   Pages: 180

Home Healthcare Market (2013 – 2018) – By Products (Dialysis, Diabetes, Drug Delivery, Essential, Mobility, Respiratory & Others); Services (Rehabilitation, Skilled, Unskilled, Virtual, Hospice, Companion, Social & Others)

US$ 3850

“The home healthcare equipment and services market is slated to grow at 6% to 8% year on year for the next five years. The market is estimated to reach $345 bn by 2020.

01-25 2016   Pages: 185

Hemodynamic Monitoring System Market: By Product (Pulmonary Artery Catheters, Cardiac Output Monitoring System), By Type (Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System, Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System, Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System), By End Users (Hospitals, Cath Labs, Clinics) – Forecast (2015-2020)

US$ 5250

“Hemodynamic Monitoring is the process of measuring blood pressure to assess the proper functioning of heart. The qualitative and quantitative data is collected through different methods such as clinical observation and pressure transducing equipment. The aim of Hemodynamic Monitoring System is to monitor the oxygenation.

01-25 2016   Pages: 91

Healthcare/Medical Outsourcing Market Analysis : By Type (Healthcare Payer and Provider, Pharmaceutical, Pathology and Labs); By Region (Americas, Europe, APAC) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“Business Process Outsourcing and Laboratory outsourcing have emerged to be the important services offered in the global healthcare market. Extensive regulatory reform mandates along with consumer demands are making the health care payers to revise their technology initiatives and change their model of operation. As a result, healthcare outsourcing market will continue to grow at a high pace.

01-25 2016   Pages: 180

Healthcare Transportation Services Market Analysis: By Medical Transportation Type (Incubator, Pharmaceuticals, Mobile Treatment, Patient Transport); By Non-Medical (Repatriation Services, Courier, Mailroom Services) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“The healthcare market changes constantly with ever growing demand for new products and services. The transportation services in healthcare are able to provide a wide array of solutions, such as patient transfer and delivery of medicines. The transportation services form an integral part of the entire healthcare industry.

01-25 2016   Pages: 180

Healthcare Information Systems Market Analysis: Type (EMR, EHR, CDSS, E-Prescriptions); By Application (Billing, Materials Management, Clinical Repository, Immunization Database) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“Health Information Systems are designed to store patient related data and analyze it to provide the correct diagnosis. The Health Information Systems also help to generate bills for insurance purpose. The Health Information Systems have undergone several changes over the years. A Health Information System consists of Software and Hardware which work in tandem to provide various services.

01-25 2016   Pages: 170

Electron Microscopy Market Analysis: By Type of products (The transmission electron microscope (TEM), The scanning electron microscope (SEM), Scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)); By End User(Hospitals, Research Institutes, Universities, Academic Institutions, Industries) Others (Government Research Institutions & Private Laboratories); By Application & By Geography – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“The Electron microscopes are technological devices which are used is to observe tiny objects which we are unable to see through the naked eyes. These objects need to be enlarged in order to visualize their intricate parts. The Electron microscope is the device which uses the accelerated beam of light which helps in revealing the structure of smaller objects.

01-25 2016   Pages: 77

Dialysis Equipment Market: By Treatment (Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Home Haemodialysis) By Renal Products (Dialyzer, Hemofilter, Endotoxin Retention Filter, Dialysis Machine, Others) By types of dialysis membrane (Unmodified cellulose low-flux membranes, Synthetic high-flux membranes) By Application(Buffer exchange, Virus purification, Drug binding studies, Others) By End Users (Hospitals & Others) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“Dialysis is a technique that facilitates the removal of harmful metabolic substances and excess water from blood in conditions of deteriorated kidney functions. Dialysis Equipment market is an attractive market and has huge opportunities to grow in future owing to rise in ageing population, growing incidences of renal disorders and increased prevalence of diabetic and hypertensive conditions.

01-25 2016   Pages: 89

Dental Implants & Prosthetics Market Analysis: By Material (Metallic, Ceramic, Polymer, Carbon compound); By Implant Design (Endosteal, Subperiosteal, Transosteal, Intramucosal); By Dental Prosthetics (Crowns & Temporary Crowns, Bridges & Temporary Bridges, Veneers, Inlays) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

US$ 5250

“Dental Implants are the effective way to replace missing teeth and match with the existing teeths. Dental implant are used to support one or more false teeth and is a titanium screw that replace root of the tooth.

01-25 2016   Pages: 180
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