Assessment of the MENA Auto Market 2016

US$ 1000

It is projected that by the year 2022, car sales market in the Middle East will grow at double the rate in comparison with the North American and Western European markets. The UAE clocked the highest growth rate in new car sales globally in the period Jan-Aug 2015, recording a growth of 5.3% in sales year-on-year.Saudi Arabia is the largest car market in the Middle East and the market is dominated by Japanese brands. The country is also the largest importer of both cars and auto parts.

03-22 2016   Pages: 30

Assessment of Malaysia’s Cocoa Industry

US$ 1000

The global cocoa market was valued at 3,455,622 metric tons in 2013 and is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 3% in the period 2014-2019. The world is faced with the challenge of low cocoa supply primarily due to the fragile nature of the crop and weather and political conditions in the producing nations. In 2015, global consumption is expected to have exceeded world cocoa production by 17,000 tons. Cocoa reserves fell 27% year-on year at the end of 2015.

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Assessment of the Indo-China Baby Food Market

US$ 800

The rising middle class globally is boosting the baby food market. At the end of 2015, the baby food and formula market was worth approximately USD 35 billion. At present it is estimated that the global infant nutrition market is worth USD 50 billion and is forecasted to be the fastest growing packaged food segment, in the period 2015-2020, growing at a rate of 7% per annum.

02-29 2016   Pages: 25

Assessment of the South East Asia Rubber Market

US$ 1500

The global market is currently in its fourth year of surplus of natural rubber. The excess supply situation has caused stocks to pile high and prices are falling steadily. It is expected that global surplus by the year 2020 will be approximately 1 million tons of natural rubber and 3 million tons of synthetic rubber.World demand for natural rubber, which is primarily used to manufacture tires, is cooling down due to the economic downturn in China.Asia accounts for 93% of the world natural rubber production with Thailand being the largest producer followed by Indonesia and Vietnam. Other large rubber producers in the region include India, China and Malaysia.

02-25 2016   Pages: 70

Assessment of Australia’s Beer Market 2015

US$ 800

“Executive Summary
The global beer industry is experiencing growing demand for diverse beer products and changing taste preferences. This has increased the production and consumption of craft beer world over. The global beer market which is valued at approximately USD 150 billion is primarily controlled by four players Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, SABMiller and Carlsberg.

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Assessment of China’s Dairy Industry 2016

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The global dairy industry has been experiencing a downturn lately. Key reasons include the slowdown in China’s economy, abolition of the European Union’s dairy-production quotas and Russia’s ban on European Union’s produce.

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A Study of China’s Yacht Market 2015

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While North America is globally the largest yacht market followed by Europe, China is the most important emerging yacht market. Even though the current Chinese Government’s anti-corruption drive has dampened the market for luxury goods in China, the yacht industry’s outlook is bright.It is projected that the number of leisure boats and yachts in the country will reach 100,000 by 2020 from a mere 3,000 in 2012.

01-27 2016   Pages: 35

A Study of the MENA & India Elevator Market 2015

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“Executive Summary
It is expected that the MENA region will witness installation of close to 700,000 new elevator units by2018. High growthin the elevator market is expected from new construction in Middle East with sustained elevator demand in Dubai and Abu Dhabi new demand emerging from Jeddah.

01-27 2016   Pages: 40

A Study of China’s Business Jets Market 2015

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The global business jets demand which was nearly halved during the financial crisis has now improved and large players are launching new models in the wake of increasing demand from Middle East, Asia and North America.

01-12 2016   Pages: 35

A Study of the Global Luxury Car Market 2015-2020

US$ 1200

The global luxury car market has seen been relatively untouched by the financial crisis and has been posting growth driven by the emerging markets. The three German players BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz account for approximately 80% share of the global luxury car market. BMW is the global leader in the luxury car segment, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

01-12 2016   Pages: 50
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