2016: Key Trends in Consumer Payments

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The increased levels of innovation and interconnectivity in banking and payments have resulted in an ever-expanding range of transactional possibilities, and are notably triggering a rewiring of the entire commerce experience.

02-25 2016   Pages: 27

P2P Lending: Responding to Disruption

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P2P platforms have grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Their superior customer experience, speed, and ultimately cost of credit have allowed P2P lending platforms to compete for banks’ customer bases directly. P2P lending platforms are not attempting to serve a previously underserved segment of the market, but lucrative creditworthy borrowers.

02-25 2016   Pages: 13

Australian Advisors and their Clients

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In recent years, the financial advisor market in Australia has been mainly focused on adapting to new regulations, with customer retention and acquisition suffering as a result. With key elements of the FOFA regulations largely bedded in among advisors, they can now focus again on growing the customer base.

02-25 2016   Pages: 46

Assessment of the South East Asia Rubber Market

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The global market is currently in its fourth year of surplus of natural rubber. The excess supply situation has caused stocks to pile high and prices are falling steadily. It is expected that global surplus by the year 2020 will be approximately 1 million tons of natural rubber and 3 million tons of synthetic rubber.World demand for natural rubber, which is primarily used to manufacture tires, is cooling down due to the economic downturn in China.Asia accounts for 93% of the world natural rubber production with Thailand being the largest producer followed by Indonesia and Vietnam. Other large rubber producers in the region include India, China and Malaysia.

02-25 2016   Pages: 70

Assessment of Australia’s Beer Market 2015

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“Executive Summary
The global beer industry is experiencing growing demand for diverse beer products and changing taste preferences. This has increased the production and consumption of craft beer world over. The global beer market which is valued at approximately USD 150 billion is primarily controlled by four players Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, SABMiller and Carlsberg.

02-25 2016   Pages: NO

Assessment of China’s Dairy Industry 2016

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The global dairy industry has been experiencing a downturn lately. Key reasons include the slowdown in China’s economy, abolition of the European Union’s dairy-production quotas and Russia’s ban on European Union’s produce.

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Retail Banking Market Insights: Norway

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Norway has a developed, well diversified, and stable financial system. The market for financial services is concentrated, with a handful of large banks controlling a significant market share. Product ownership rates are high for mortgages and current and savings accounts. Consumers are generally conservative in their choice of provider, with a bias towards providers they have an existing relationship with.

02-23 2016   Pages: 38

UK Insurance Profile: Tesco

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Tesco is a retailing giant and the UK’s largest supermarket brand. Having spread its wings into the financial services industry since the 1990s, Tesco Bank is now a well-established name for personal lines insurance customers, able to play off brand recognition, cross-selling capabilities, and a strong understanding of its customers thanks to its Tesco Clubcard initiative. However, Tesco is facing challenging times in its core retail business, which is feeding into a number of threats to its insurance business. On the other hand, a strong brand footprint in some of the personal lines insurance markets – and an above-average series of net promoter scores for these – suggests there are future opportunities.

02-23 2016   Pages: 27

Mortgage Lending in the UK – Key Trends and Opportunities to 2020

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“• Gross mortgage lending totaled GBP204.5 billion in 2014, representing a 15.0% increase over 2013.

• This was the second-fastest annual growth rate recorded during the review period, after slowing from 22.3% the previous year.”

02-01 2016   Pages: 75

A Study of China’s Yacht Market 2015

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While North America is globally the largest yacht market followed by Europe, China is the most important emerging yacht market. Even though the current Chinese Government’s anti-corruption drive has dampened the market for luxury goods in China, the yacht industry’s outlook is bright.It is projected that the number of leisure boats and yachts in the country will reach 100,000 by 2020 from a mere 3,000 in 2012.

01-27 2016   Pages: 35
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