Intelligent Flow Meter Market by type (Coriolis, Electromagnetic , Vortex, Ultrasonic and Others), by Technology (Profibus, HART & Others), by Application (Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Others) and Geography – Global Trends & Forecasts to 2014 – 2020

US$ 4650

“Intelligent flow meter is value at $5083.65 million in 2014 and this market is expected to grow at a growth rate of 5.72% in the coming future.
This report has divided the industry into four segments type, technology, applications and geography. Further flow meter are classified in to application segment includes mining, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, power generation, oil & gas, and automotive among others.

07-23 2015   Pages: 154

Control Valve Market by Motion (Rotary, Linear), by Component (Valve Body, Actuator, and Others), by Application (Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Energy & Power, Water Management, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, and Others), & by Geography – Global Forecast to 2020

US$ 4650

The control valve market is expected to grow at a rapid pace in most of the regions of the world due to growing investments in process industry and increasing need for automation across all the process industries and growing population. A growing population coupled with a high-energy demand is creating awareness about benefits of using control valve and is a major factor driving the market growth. Further, initiatives from various governments have led the investment inflow in the process industry, thereby boosting the control valve market.

07-23 2015   Pages: 169

Advancement in Camera Technologies Market by Component (Microcontroller & Microprocessor, Sensor, and IC), Technology (3D Depth Sensing, IR Thermal, 4K Pixel & UHD, Panoramic, SCMOS Image Sensor), Application and Geography – Analysis & Forecast to 2014 – 2020

US$ 4650

“ACT is a market where recent advanced technologies are used in cameras for image capturing, depth sensing, security concerns, and image displays. The advancements in cameras have been driven by the continuous technological evolution in the present era. These technologies are widely used in several applications, which include consumer electronics, media and entertainment, industrial, robotics and gaming, automotive, defense and aerospace, and healthcare.

07-23 2015   Pages: 163

Hearth Market by Fuel Type (Gas, Wood, Electric and Other), Product (Fireplace, Stove and Inserts) by Style (Traditional and Modern Hearth) & Geography – Global trends and forecasts to 2013 – 2020

US$ 4650

Hearth products have been primarily used for space heating market since their inception. The hearth market has undergone a phase of transformation leading to the launch of several advanced, efficient, and superior hearth products are in the said market. This overall market has been divided into two segments based on style.

07-23 2015   Pages: 148

Next Generation Memory Market by Technology (Nonvolatile memory (MRAM, FRAM, PCM, and RRAM), Volatile Memory (DRAM (T-RAM, T-T-RAM, and others) and SRAM (Z-RAM and others)), Application & Geography – Global Forecast to 2013 – 2020

US$ 4650

“The global next generation memory market is witnessing a very high growth rate as the need for advanced high density memories that can cater to the needs of the ever evolving complex computing systems is increasing. Over the last decade, the need for highly scalable memory solutions with low power dissipation levels has triggered the demand for next generation memory technologies that can sustain very high data rates at relatively lesser power levels. Characteristics such as high write and read latency, high scalability, and high endurance levels, among others, make the emerging next generation memories welcome replacements for traditional non-volatile memories.

07-23 2015   Pages: 192

Holographic Display Market by Technology (Electro holographic, Touchable, Laser), Product (Camera, Digital Signage, Medical scanners, Smart TV), Application (Consumer, Commercial, Medical, Industrial ), Geography – Global Forecast to 2013 – 2020

US$ 4650

“Holographic display is a technology in which the information is stored and retrieved in three demotions and can be reconstructed later for projection or display. A spatial light modulator is used to reconstruct the 3D objects for 2D or 3D screens. The holographic displays offer realistic full-color images with extremely high resolution. This display technology is mainly used to project (or show) the images floating in the air. The addition of holographic principle into the display technology is not only the most promising but also a challenging development for the future.

07-22 2015   Pages: 153

FPGA Market by Architecture (Sram, Fuse, Anti-Fuse), Configuration (High End, Mid-Range, Low End), Application (Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Military & Aerospace, Medical, Computing & Data Centers), and Geography – Trends & Forecasts From 2014 – 2020FPGA Market by Architecture (Sram, Fuse, Anti-Fuse), Configuration (High End, Mid-Range, Low End), Application (Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Military & Aerospace, Medical, Computing & Data Centers), and Geography – Trends & Forecasts From 2014 – 2020

US$ 4650

Internet availability is required for many mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, or tablets. We have seen a huge growth in the market of these devices and in coming years, the market of these devices is expected to experience a huge growth. Owing to the huge market size for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the number of internet users has also increased across the world; however, the problem of handling big data persists which can be resolved with the help of FPGA devices. Currently, FPGAs are one of the most advanced devices to handle big computing and can be re-programmed according to the specifications of various applications.

07-22 2015   Pages: 180

Biosensors Market by Application (Point of Care, Home Diagnostics, Research Labs, Biodefense, Environmental Monitoring, Food Industry), Product (Wearable, Non-Wearable), Technology (Electrochemical, Piezoelectric, Optical) & Geography – Analysis & Forecast to 2020

US$ 4650

The biosensor is a device which is used for detecting, recording, and transmitting information related to any physiological changes or the presence of various chemicals or biological materials in the environment. In other words, we can say that it is an analytical device, which converts the biological response into electrical signals. The biosensors technology is now being used for the development of various biosensor applications, such as the medical, healthcare, biodefense, environment monitoring, and food industries.

07-22 2015   Pages: 193

Self-Organizing Network Market by Revenue Source (Software and Services), by Architecture Type (D-SON, C-SON, and Hybrid SON), Network Type, Technology (2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE) and Geography – Analysis & Forecast to 2014 – 2020

US$ 4650

“The self-organizing network (SON) has created a lot of buzz in today’s complicated cellular networks. The SON technology is essential to plan, configure, organize, optimize network performance, and to provide self-healing functionalities.

07-22 2015   Pages: 173

Optical Networking and Communications Market by Technology (Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET)/ Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Fiber Channel), by verticals (Aerospace and Defense, Government, Manufactures, Submarine, Mining, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Telecom, Energy and Utilities) and by Geography – Global Trends & Forecasts to 2014 – 2020

US$ 4650

“Optical networking and communications for this market study is as follows, a type of communications network wherein data transmission occurs via light as optical or Infra-Red signals and optical components form the building blocks of the network. The market has been defined as the summation of hardware and services revenues.

07-22 2015   Pages: 168
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