Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceutical Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“Way back to the history, over the past 50 years nuclear medicine sector has displayed a strong link between investments in chemistry and development of radionuclide’s and radiolabeled compounds. This advancement has majorly impacted the health care practice.

09-18 2016   Pages: 452

Diagnostic Imaging Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“Diagnostic imaging is a non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of some of the most life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart diseases and they have nearly eliminated the need for exploratory surgery.

09-18 2016   Pages: 413

Catheters Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“Catheter is a tubular medical device introduced into different body canals, vessels, passage ways and cavities for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

09-18 2016   Pages: 322

Structural Heart Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“Structural heart devices has emerged as a new focus area of medical device manufacturers as the population of most developed and developing countries continue to become older and risk of cardiovascular diseases increase with aging.

09-18 2016   Pages: 233

Vascular Closure Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“Vascular closure is a procedure done for the closure of the punctured arterial wall after the performance of the catheterization procedure using the active and passive approximators.

09-18 2016   Pages: 205

Drug Discovery Outsourcing Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 15,000

“Over the last two decades, the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry has undergone radical changes. The unprecedented downsizing of the internal discovery of big pharmaceuticals, patent expiration, shift towards biologics have seen a surge in the externalization and outsourcing activities.

09-18 2016   Pages: 182

3D Cell Culture Global Market – Forecast To 2021

US$ 4,500

“3D cell culture is accepted as a new dimension of cell culture sector in biomedical research field. Cells grown on two-dimensional (2D) substrates do not represent true in-vivo cell environment and lack extracellular components, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions necessary for differentiation, proliferation and cell-based functions.

09-18 2016   Pages: 303

Wound Closure and Advanced Wound Care Global Market – Forecast To 2021

US$ 4,500

“Wound closure and wound care devices are the medical apparatus used for the closure of the wound by pulling the cut edges of the tissues together or by directly acting on the wounds for better healing.

09-18 2016   Pages: 413

Neuromodulation Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2021

US$ 4,500

“The neuromodulation technology utilizes devices that bring about a change in nervous system either by stimulation or modulating brain activity. The treatment delivered by neuromodulation devices brings about life changing transformation in patients who fail to get better by traditional approaches.

09-18 2016   Pages: 256

Immunotherapeutics Global Market – Forecast To 2021

US$ 4,500

“Immunotherapy is the treatment given to suppress or amplify the immune response of a person using immunomodulators. The amplification of immune response is called as activation immunotherapy and the suppression of the immune response is called suppression immunotherapy.

09-18 2016   Pages: 250
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