Infusion Pumps & Accessories Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4950

Infusion pumps and accessories are class of drug delivering devices used for administering medications in a controlled, precise and automated manner. These devices are mainly used for therapeutic purposes in critical care, pain management and other applications,

11-08 2016   Pages: 375

Cell Expansion Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4950

Cell expansion technology has been emerging as a promising therapeutic solution for many diseases and is used for engineering, replacing, or regenerating human tissues, cells, and organs to restore normal function. Products of cell expansion market are segmented into instruments and consumables.

11-08 2016   Pages: 360

Genome Editing Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4950

Ever since the establishment of the genetic basis of life, researchers have tried to manipulate genes in plants and animals to improve traits. There has been a continuous evolution of gene modification technique starting from restriction endonucleases,

11-08 2016   Pages: 274

Infection Control (Disinfection & Sterilization) Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4950

Healthcare associated infections which mainly includes hospital or community acquired infections are persisting factor in each and every healthcare system. Increase in occurrence of hospital acquired infections and advancements in sterilization and disinfection technologies are making the infection prevention and control market promising.

11-08 2016   Pages: 454

Hernia Repair Devices Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4950

The Hernia repair devices global market is expected to grow at a single digit CAGR from 2015 to 2022. Hernia is a health condition, where internal organs or tissues pushes through a weak or damaged tissue and cause mild to severe pain, it might happen anywhere in the body but is most common in the abdominal region.

11-08 2016   Pages: 315

Pharmaceutical Excipients Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4,500

“Pharmaceutical excipients are inactive substances in the drug which helps in modulating solubility, bioavailability and stability of active substances for formulating final drug dosage forms.

09-18 2016   Pages: 427

Transplantation Diagnostics Global Market – Forecast to 2022

US$ 4,500

“Transplantation is a surgical procedure of transferring organ, tissue or cell taken from one part of the body and grafted into another area of the same individual or another individual of same species or different species. The solid organ, tissue and stem cell transplantation field has evolved from a clinical experiment to routine and reliable practice, which has proven to be clinically effective, life-saving and cost-effective.

09-18 2016   Pages: 303

Pancreatic Beta-Cell Protection – Hot Targets & Pipeline Analysis

US$ 3,600

““Pancreatic Beta-cell Protection Hot Targets & Pipeline Analysis” gives comprehensive insight on the various drugs being developed for the treatment of Pancreatic Beta-cell protection.

09-18 2016   Pages: 121

Electroceutical Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“The electroceuticals technology utilizes devices that bring about a change in the nervous system by modulating brain activity.

09-18 2016   Pages: 492

Endoscopy Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2022

US$ 4,500

“Endoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure usually carried out by inserting a specialized tube like device called endoscopes through small incisions made near the diseased site.

09-18 2016   Pages: 451
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