Botswana’s Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

US$ 995

Timetric’s fiscal regime report covers Botswana which has an abundance of mineral resources such as diamonds, copper, nickel and silver.

10-09 2015   Pages: 17

Precious Metals Mining in Botswana to 2020 – a Focus on the Diamond Industry

US$ $1,495

The country’s rough diamond production is expected to reach 25.3 million carats by 2014 and 32.2 million carats in 2020. In 2009, the county’s diamond industry declined sharply due to the global economic crisis, emphasizing the country’s reliance on export demand, leading to a fall in rough diamond production.

09-18 2015   Pages: 26

The Insurance Industry in Botswana, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018

US$ $1,950

The Botswanan insurance industry is dominated by the life segment, which constituted 70.0% of the total gross written premium.

09-18 2015   Pages: 150

Confectionery Market in Botswana: Databook to 2017

US$ 500

Through its provision of authoritative and granular detail of the Confectionery market in Botswana, this report fills the gaps in marketers’ understanding of market trends and the components of change driving them.

09-16 2015   Pages: 33

Employee Benefits in Botswana

US$ 1950

The Republic of Botswana has a range of social security programs which cover the country’s citizens, as well as people belonging to poor and vulnerable groups in rural communities.

09-14 2015   Pages: 39

Governance, Risk and Compliance – The Botswanan Insurance Industry

US$ 1950

“The report provides insights into the governance, risk and compliance framework pertaining to the insurance industry in Botswana, including:

• An overview of the insurance regulatory framework in Botswana.

09-10 2015   Pages: 32

100% FDI is Permitted in the Botswanan Insurance Industry

US$ 0

Composite insurance is not permitted in Botswana. However, life insurance companies are permitted to operate in accident and health insurance business.100% FDI is permitted in the Botswanan insurance industry.

09-01 2015   Pages: 0
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