Geriatric Medicine Development – Carving out New Opportunities to Treat Age-related Diseases

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More than 50% of prescriptions is written for people aged 65 years and older. Many older people suffer from comorbid conditions and one in three takes at least five drugs or more on a daily basis. This significantly increases the risk of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) and hospitalization.

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Immunotherapy Development Strategies – An Evolving Market with Significant Potential but with Challenging Hurdles to Overcome

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Although immunotherapy was first recognized over 100 years ago, it has only become an important therapeutic tool in recent decades. The immune system can be harnessed in one of several ways to tackle various diseases such as cancer, infection, auto-immune disease and inflammatory diseases.

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Telemedicine – The Future is Now for Moving Telemedicine into Mainstream Treatment

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Telemedicine is a creation of the 20th century. First used primarily for military and space applications, it has been becoming more widespread in use in recent years. There are three main types of telemedicine applications: store-and-forward, remote monitoring and interactive services.

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Companion Diagnostics – Streamlining drug development and advancing personalized medicine

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Personalized healthcare encompasses tailored diagnostics, treatment and management of illnesses and diseases. Although the concept has been around for many years, it is only with the advent of companion diagnostics that personalized healthcare has started to gain ground.

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R&D Productivity – The State of Research and Development in the BioPharmaceutical Industry

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As blockbusters go off patent and the pool of marketed products supporting pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D) decline, questions about the future of R&D in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry arise. Where will funding come from?

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The Politics of Pharma – Washington, States and the Courts Impact on the Industry

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Politics have a greater direct effect on the pharmaceutical industry than almost any other in the US, and correspondingly, pharma makes considerable investments in election campaigns. The November elections kept the face of Washington the same, with the re-election of President Obama

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Biopharma M&A and Deal Making – Understanding the Latest Trends to Optimize Future Strategy

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The leading pharmaceutical players continue to face the combined threats of a difficult operating environment and patent losses while struggling to deliver on pipeline potential.

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Electronic Health Records – Charting the Future of Health Care

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Electronic Health Records have been in limited use since the 1960s, but their adoption received a major boost when they became more of a focus for the US government. In 2004, President Bush put forth the goal of having every American covered by an EHR within 10 years.

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Oncology Development Strategies – Considerable commercial potential but specific needs must be addressed

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The oncology therapeutic area has seen significant development and advances over the last decade. However, oncology has one of the lowest overall clinical success rates of all therapy areas with only a third of oncology drugs that get to Phase III proceeding to approval.

06-12 2015   Pages: 52

The Digital Patient – A Snapshot of the Digital Landscape of Patients and Caregivers

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The advent of mobile phones and other devices has opened up new channels for pharmaceutical marketers to reach patients and caregivers. The Pharma industry as a whole is late to the digital game so logically patients and caregivers have pre-existing expectations of the digital experience.

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