Contract Research Organization Market – Global Deals and Operational Strategies

US$ 2995

“Contract Research Organization Market – Global Deals and Operational Strategies”” discusses the deal making activity during the past five years and in-depth analysis of the key deals involving more than 40 public and privately held CROs.

07-06 2015   Pages: 77

BIOSIMILARS – Regulatory Framework and Pipeline Analysis

US$ 2995

Biosimilars are copied versions of biologics that offer a 20-50% reduction in cost compared with innovative biologic products. Biosimilars are getting the world wide attention as the cost of the innovative biologics are enormously high and even minimal reduction in price will reduce the healthcare spending substantially.

07-06 2015   Pages: 94

Men’s Health – Changing male attitudes to health to improve prognosis and outcomes

US$ 2995

Men’s health refers to conditions that specifically affect males, or those that are not gender-specific but have different outcomes in men. Although still dominated by cardiovascular disease, men’s health is increasingly focusing on other conditions and the wellness of the man overall.

06-12 2015   Pages: 61

Women’s Health – Assessing the Need for a Targeted and Specialized Approach

US$ 2995

Many of the diseases and conditions that affect mainly women are interlinked with similar root causes; however, placing all of the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure a cohesive management strategy remains a challenge.

06-12 2015   Pages: 69

Opioids Market Overview to 2023 – Opioids in Emerging Markets

US$ 2995

The report provides analysis of new developments that will have a strong bearing on the use of opioids in pain management in emerging countries (Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa).

06-12 2015   Pages: 72

Opioids Market Overview to 2023 – Opioids in Western Europe

US$ 2995

The report provides an estimation of 2013 opioid revenues and forecast consumption and revenues until 2023 in the five major Western European countries: the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

06-12 2015   Pages: 74

Biosimilars – Biosimilars on the cusp of a new era

US$ 2995

The biosimilars market is undergoing rapid change with developments such as the recent approvals of infliximab and trastuzumab heralding a new era. In order to keep up with the pace of change in the marketplace, regulatory agencies have been developing updated guidance around the development and approval of biosimilars

06-12 2015   Pages: 58

Adaptive Licensing – A Holistic Approach to Drug Development and Regulation

US$ 2995

Adaptive Licensing (AL) is a flexible approach to drug development and regulation, with two live pilot schemes accepted by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The system acknowledges that levels of uncertainty will always surround innovative treatments.

06-12 2015   Pages: 79

Pediatric drug development – Regulatory challenges and commercial opportunities

US$ 2995

Although pediatrics represent around two-fifths of the global population the market for pediatric medicines remains relatively small (accounting for <10% of global pharmaceutical sales). Until pediatric legislation was introduced in the US (1997) and EU (2007)

06-12 2015   Pages: 64

Vaccine Development Strategies – Refocusing Efforts to Address New Challenges

US$ 3900

Vaccines are one of the most important healthcare advances and have saved millions of lives through immunizing against some of the most deadly diseases. With protection against a number of key viral and bacterial diseases now effectively generated, vaccine R&D is turning to areas of unmet need.

06-12 2015   Pages: 60
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