Herbicides China News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“In 2015, total 7 pesticide enterprises successfully entered the New Third Board in China. The New Third Board has a lower entry threshold, and less time and expenses during the listing process, becoming the best choice for pesticide enterprises to obtain new capital sources.

02-24 2016   Pages: 34

Corn Products China News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

In Jan. 201 6, China’s corn deep-processing enterprises are facing challenges following the end of subsidies and the export tax rebate. However, enterprises have not raised their quotations because of the sufficient market inventory.

02-24 2016   Pages: 29

Seed China News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“The China International Seed Trade Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on 9-11 March, 2016.
The 67th ISF World Seed Congress will be held in Punta del Este, Uruguay on 15-18 May 2016.

02-24 2016   Pages: 21

Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 2916

“At the beginning of 2016, China’s phosphate fertilizer market began its off season and market prices of leading products (MAP, DAP, etc.) sank further. In view of severe overcapacity, market prices of phosphate fertilizers are unlikely to recover in the short term. Fu Xiangsheng, chairman of the CPCIF, disclosed that a 3-year action plan will be issued soon to adjust the industrial structure of China’s fertilizer industry.

02-24 2016   Pages: 38

Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“In Nov. 2015, China’s export volume of TiO2 fell while the import volume increased month on month. The gap between import volume and export volume shrank from 36,271 tonnes in Oct. to 28,131 tonnes and that between import price and export price narrowed by USD37/t, from USD884/t to USD847/t.

02-24 2016   Pages: 37

Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 2268

“This chapter reviews the global sales of neonicotinoid pesticides in the past decade and its registration in China. Market positions of main neonicotinoid pesticides are also predicted in this article.
Neonicotinoid pesticides are currently limited or banned for use in many countries and regions, such as the EU, Brazil, Canada and the US, due to its harmful effect on bees.

02-24 2016   Pages: 26

Insecticides China News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“In review, the Chinese pesticide industry experienced a downturn in 2015. All three categories of pesticide (fungicides, insecticides and herbicides) suffered varying declines in output, and the production and price of insecticides failed to satisfy market expectations.

02-24 2016   Pages: 40

Fungicides China News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“In 2015, Chinese pesticide industry experienced a downturn. Under such circumstances, the fungicide market witnessed an extraordinary performance. CCM will follow up on the fungicide market dynamics and market conditions and make the corresponding analysis.

02-24 2016   Pages: 36

Amino Acids China E-News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 2916

“In 2015, a slowdown in Chinese economic growth, serious overcapacity, low prices, increasing burden from environmental protection and product homogenization hinder the development of amino acid enterprises. They struggle for development and make sweeping transformation and reform, in order to remain competitive and profitable in the overall industry.

02-24 2016   Pages: 26

Vitamin China E-News 1601(12 issues per year)

US$ 2916

“Domestic food industry is entering into rapid-transformation period. The demand for healthy and nutritious products is growing. The R&D and innovation capability of healthy and nutritious products will determine the development outcomes of enterprises.

02-24 2016   Pages: 27
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