Production and Market of Sodium Gluconate in China

US$ 5400

The market shares of SG producers who take catalytic oxidation method in production have been greatly squeezed due to its disadvantage in cost.

05-17 2015   Pages: 30

Forecast of Integrated Phosphorus Industry in China

US$ 17280

Global phosphorus resources are decreasing in quantity as well as in quality in recent years. As a large phosphorus country, China, who is blessed with abundant phosphorus resources, is also facing the risk of dying out phosphate rock. Then how long will China’s phosphorus resources be available?

05-17 2015   Pages: 94

Production and Market of Picoxystrobin in China

US$ 6264

In the middle of July, 2013, the local agricultural bureau of Zhanhua County, Shandong Province recommend using DuPontTMAcanto® to control and prevent diseases of jujube such as jujube rust, fleck and brown cortex.

05-17 2015   Pages: 37

2014 China Maleic Anhydride Industry Report

US$ 1566

This report describes the development of MAH in China, especially the development in 2014. In China, the MAH industry is upgrading its production technologies and enterprises are restructuring. China’s MAH industry is lagging behind. How will it catch up with the world’s advanced technologies?

05-17 2015   Pages: 30

Trend of China’s Pesticide Distribution

US$ 1404

There is no doubt that E-business is the hottest word in 2014 and will be booming in the next few years in China’s pesticide industry. The Singles Day (Online sellers give a great discount in the name of comforting the single people in the day.) of Nongyi Net ( had pushed the pesticide E-business toward a climax.

05-17 2015   Pages: 24
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