Production and Market of Paraquat in China/industry publication

US$ 8640

Paraquat has been at a leading position in the world’s non-selective herbicides in the past few years. It is the second largest herbicide in terms of consumption, only after glyphosate.

05-19 2015   Pages: 96

Crops Trade Flows Analysis in China/data publication

US$ 2160

China is an agricultural country, and agricultural economy plays an important role in booming the development of whole nation’ economy. Agricultural produces trade is a key factor to stimulate a rapid development of China’s agricultural economy.

05-19 2015   Pages: 19

Annual Report Analysis of Listed Seed Companies in China/data publication

US$ 1080

In recent years, great changes have taken place in China’s seed industry: firstly, the seriously homogeneous products and high inventory in domestic seed market have made the profitability of seed industry fell down; secondly, the competition in this area has become more and more furious.

05-19 2015   Pages: 34

Survey of Triazole Fungicides in China/industry publication

US$ 10800

Triazole fungicides are low-toxicity and efficient fungicides that are becoming more and more popular in China. They are widely used in all kinds of crops, such as grain crops like wheat, rice, and economic crops like apple and banana.

05-19 2015   Pages: 131

Influence of Drought on Corn Yield in China/industry publication/industry publication

US$ 2700

Corn, first planted from the sixteenth century in China and now one of the three major grain crops in China, has witnessed fast growth in the past six decades. China’s corn planting area is projected to continue expanding in the coming years.

05-19 2015   Pages: 41

Sugar Alcohol Product Structure in China/data publication

US$ 1620

China is playing an important role in sugar alcohol market in the world at present. With the growing demand from downstream industries, sugar alcohol industry in China has entered a rapid development stage in recent years. The output of sugar alcohol products increased to about 1.16 million tonnes in 2013.

05-19 2015   Pages: 11

Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus/industry publication

US$ 16200

Phosphate is crucial to human beings because of its feature of being non-renewable and the great importance of phosphate fertilizer in agricultural production. Thus, phosphorus resources are attracting more and more attention in the world. In order to protect phosphorus resources.

05-19 2015   Pages: 107

Production and Market of Pentaerythritol in China/industry publication

US$ 7020

The main end use segments of pentaerythritol in China are alkyd resin, polyurethane, rosin pentaerythritol ester and lubricant. China’s automobile industry and building industry developed quickly in the past few years, resulting in the increasing demand for coating & paint.

05-19 2015   Pages: 84

Sugar Alcohol Industry Trend in China/data publication

US$ 2160

With the demand growth, the output value of sugar alcohol industry had a rapid growth, which reached about USD 1,770 million and has become the second largest product, following starch sugar in the sweetener industry.

05-19 2015   Pages: 16

Sugar Alcohol Industry Dynamics in China/data publication

US$ 2160

In 2013, sugar alcohol industry continued to maintain a downward trend under the weak demand and the oversupply pressure.The ex-work prices continued to decline because of the oversupply pressure in 2013, caused by the slowdown of the demand increase.

05-19 2015   Pages: 15
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