Policies Research of Crop Protection & Seed in China

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On one hand, enterprises’ ownership reform has taken the lead in the economic reform in China in recent years. At the same time, China’s agriculture industry is still facing many problems, such as grain security, land reform and environmental pollution.

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Company Profiles of Ten Chinese Seed Manufacturers

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In order to keep their leading place in the intense market, most of China’s major seed manufacturers have not only concentrated on the domestic market, but also tried to develop foreign sales channels. At the same time, they conduct R&D on seeds continuously and many competitive seed products have emerged.

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Crops in China/data publication

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Planting industry plays a critical role in national economy and people’s livelihood. It restrains and promotes the development of the secondary and tertiary industries. Since the establishment of the People Republic of China, especially after the reform and opening up policy in 1980s.

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Company Profiles of Thirty-one Chinese Crop Protection Manufacturers

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In recent years, the competition in the CP (Crop Protection) industry has been becoming increasingly intense in China, which is the largest production base and exporter of pesticides in the world at present.

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China Fungicide Trade Flows/data publication

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In China, the fungicide industry’s development has been at a relatively low level, only capturing a very small proportion in the global market. Due to the low ability to develop new high value-added fungicide formulations, domestic enterprises have to increasingly import fungicides from developed countries in Europe and the US.

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Company Profiles of Thirty-six Chinese Agrochemical Manufacturers

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As a giant agricultural producer, China is also the largest production base and exporter of agrochemicals in the world. In recent years, Chinese agrochemical manufacturers have showed a development momentum benefiting from some policies promoting agricultural production.

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Fungicide Industry Trends in China/data publication

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In the past few years, China’s fungicide industry enjoyed a relatively fast development: the output of fungicides kept increasing; the market size kept expanding; the major fungicide enterprises had good performance in the past two years; etc.

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Herbicide Dynamics in China/data publication

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China’s herbicide industry enjoyed prosperity in 2013. Both revenue and profit of many herbicide enterprises witnessed a big increase. Under the circumstance, more and more players intended to enter or invest in the herbicide industry.

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Metalaxyl Survey in China

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Metalaxyl is a systemic fungicide that is usually used to control plant diseases caused by oomycete fungi. Because of its broad-spectrum activity, metalaxyl is used worldwide for protecting a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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Supply and Demand of Grain Crops in China/data publication

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Grain crops are the major crops in China. Grain crops in this report include cereal crops, beans and tubers. Their total planting area accounts for nearly 70% of the domestic total. Grain is always an important good in people’s livelihood.

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