China Pesticide Price in H1 2014

US$ 3780

Pesticide price plays an important role in Chinese pesticide market. In 2013, China’s pesticide price experienced fluctuation in the whole year, owing to some factors like environmental protection pressure, demand situation and climate change are affecting pesticides prices.

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Annual Reports Analysis of Listed Planting-Related Companies in China

US$ 2160

In China, listed planting-related companies are generally classified into four categories: grain and oil processing companies, sugar production and processing companies, fruits and vegetables production and processing companies and other comprehensive agriculture companies.

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China Insecticide Trade Flows

US$ 2268

At present, China is playing a greatly important role in global insecticide trade flows, mainly for export. In 2013, China exported about 315,500 tonnes of insecticides (by physical quantity), mainly to countries in Asia and South America, such as Brazil, Vietnam, India and Thailand,etc.

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Glyphosate (PMIDA) Environmental Protection Scrutiny

US$ 3780

Glyphosate is one of the most popular herbicides in the world nowadays and it also has a fast development in China. However, the fast development in China was based on high pollution and high resource consumption. Therefore, Chinese government decided to carry out glyphosate (PMIDA) environmental protection scrutiny.

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Insecticide Price in China

US$ 2160

Insecticide industry plays an important role in the whole pesticide industry in China. However,because of the slack market, insecticide price has kept decreasing in China in 2013. During 2009-2013,there is no much change in export price of insectcide.

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Annual Report Analysis of Animal Husbandry Listed Companies in China

US$ 2160

Animal husbandry has been developed from being a household sideline production to becoming the pillar industry in China’s agriculture industry. On one hand, affected by the fast-growing chickens and H7N9 influenza events in 2013, most of these companies did not perform very well.

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Sweetener Industry in China

US$ 8640

In 2013, the sweetener industry in China witnesses ups and downs throughout its development.The sweetener industry produced a total of more than 13 million tones of sweeteners in 2013, increasing by about 8% than that of 2012.

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Annual Report Analysis of Meat-product Processing Listed Companies in China

US$ 2160

In 2013, the Chinese government standardized the use of veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives, strictly cracking down on the use of banned agriculture veterinary drugs, such as clenbuterol, malachite green and other banned substances. This also further standardizes the meat-product processing industry.

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Amino Acid Industry Trend in China

US$ 2160

The EU didn’t pass the proposal of providing duty-free and quota-free for lysine imports. This decision played an important part in reducing the market supply pressure.

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Semi-annual Report Analysis of China Pesticide Listed Enterprises

US$ 3240

The China Crop Protection Industry Association had issued the highly anticipated 2014 China’s Top 100 Pesticide Manufacturers List in H1 2014. According to the statistics, the output of the Chinese pesticide industry in 2013 maintained a modest growth, with an increase of 1.6%; the total revenue reached USD45.69 billion.

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