Sugar Alcohol Product Structure in China/data publication

US$ 1620

China is playing an important role in sugar alcohol market in the world at present. With the growing demand from downstream industries, sugar alcohol industry in China has entered a rapid development stage in recent years. The output of sugar alcohol products increased to about 1.16 million tonnes in 2013.

05-19 2015   Pages: 11

Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus/industry publication

US$ 16200

Phosphate is crucial to human beings because of its feature of being non-renewable and the great importance of phosphate fertilizer in agricultural production. Thus, phosphorus resources are attracting more and more attention in the world. In order to protect phosphorus resources.

05-19 2015   Pages: 107

Production and Market of Pentaerythritol in China/industry publication

US$ 7020

The main end use segments of pentaerythritol in China are alkyd resin, polyurethane, rosin pentaerythritol ester and lubricant. China’s automobile industry and building industry developed quickly in the past few years, resulting in the increasing demand for coating & paint.

05-19 2015   Pages: 84

Sugar Alcohol Industry Trend in China/data publication

US$ 2160

With the demand growth, the output value of sugar alcohol industry had a rapid growth, which reached about USD 1,770 million and has become the second largest product, following starch sugar in the sweetener industry.

05-19 2015   Pages: 16

Sugar Alcohol Industry Dynamics in China/data publication

US$ 2160

In 2013, sugar alcohol industry continued to maintain a downward trend under the weak demand and the oversupply pressure.The ex-work prices continued to decline because of the oversupply pressure in 2013, caused by the slowdown of the demand increase.

05-19 2015   Pages: 15

Competitive Herbicides in China

US$ 16200

GM (Genetically modified) crops with herbicide tolerance have greatly driven the development of some herbicides in the past years. As some herbicide categories of ultra-high activity such as amide herbicides, sulfonylurea herbicides and imidazolone herbicides.

05-19 2015   Pages: 75

CCMP Price Forecast (July to December monthly average ex-work price of 2014)

US$ 5670

2-Chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine (CCMP), the key intermediate for the production of imidacloprid and acetamiprid, is attracting more and more attention from imidacloprid and acetamiprid producers. Imidacloprid, as one of the major insecticides in China.

05-19 2015   Pages: 9

Production and Future Development of Niacin in China

US$ 4050

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is the generic descriptor for two compounds, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. Its global market size was over USD400 million in 2012, according to the estimates by CEO of Advance Intermediates and Nutritional Products of Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.

05-19 2015   Pages: 29

China Pesticide Industry 2013 Annual Reporty

US$ 2376

In 2013, China’s pesticide industry has a fast development: according to National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2013, pesticides’ output of 335 pesticide enterprises (above designated size) totaled 3.19 million tonnes, with a YoY of 1.6%; while the total output value of pesticides increased to USD46.7 billion.

05-19 2015   Pages: 70

Company Profiles of Five Fosfomycin Phenylethylamine Producers in China

US$ 723

Since the first industrialized production of fosfomycin in 1983, China has become the largest supplier of fosfomycin in the world. The production of fosfomycin phenylethylamine, one of the major intermediates of fosfomycin, affects the market of fosfomycin both home and abroad.

05-19 2015   Pages: 12
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