Market and Opportunity Research of Mogroside V from Luo Han Guo in China

US$ 2160

Mogroside V is the major sweet component of luo han guo, whose sweetness is about 350 times sweeter than that of sucrose. It’s becoming more and more popular in the natural sweeteners industry. This report is CCM’s first edition report on the Chinese mogroside V industry.

12-03 2015   Pages: 32

Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 2268

“The monthly average ex-works prices of 92% acetochlor technical in China in the period Jan.-Sept. of 2013, 2014 and 2015 were USD2,913/t, USD3,186/t and USD2,882/t respectively, falling in 2015 by 1.06% and 9.54% compared with that in the period Jan.-Sept. of 2013 and 2014 respectively.

11-11 2015   Pages: 52

China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 2916

“In October 2015, Daikin Fluorochemical announced to expand the production capacity for special fluororubber. This is the second international leading organic fluoride enterprise after DuPont to expand its fluororubber business layout in China in 2015.

11-11 2015   Pages: 33

China Li-ion Battery E-News 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 2484

“In early October 2015, the LiPF6 price kept growing in China, expected to cause the electrolyte price to rebound in Q4. CCM believes that the constantly upward LiPF6 price could be attributed to the strong demand from the downstream industry and the rising raw material price. Hopefully, the LiPF6 market (sales & price) will maintain the strong upturn in 2016.

11-11 2015   Pages: 33

Sweeteners China News 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 2916

“From October 201 5, China enters the 2015/16 sucrose (cane sugar + beet sugar) extracting season. Due to the further decreased supply of raw material sugarcane, the output of cane sugar will further run short, unable to meet the demand. This is expected to push up the domestic sucrose price.

11-11 2015   Pages: 28

Crop Farming China E-News 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 1404

“China is expected to issue the agricultural reclamation reform program in Oct. 201 5. The Soochow Securities predicted that after
the reform, the stripping social functions will significantly strengthen the profitability of related companies, the subordinate listing companies of agricultural reclamation groups are expected to get asset injection and their land resources will be revalued.

11-11 2015   Pages: 18

Herbicides China News 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“On 21 Oct., 2015, Shenghua Biok released its asset restructuring report, indicating that it will transfer strategic focus to online gaming business and whether it will continue develop pesticide business depends on the market situation. So, will Shenghua Biok keep developing pesticides? And will it spend less money on it?

11-11 2015   Pages: 32

Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 6912

“IDAN develops along with the development of glyphosate industry. Thus IDAN market enters predicament affected by the sluggish glyphosate industry in China.

11-11 2015   Pages: 26

Corn Products China News 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“On 14 Oct., 201 5, Jilin again increased the subsidy on corn deep-processing. CCM analyzes that this has little effect on inventory consumption but can increase enterprises’ enthusiasm for production. Meantime, subsidy offers corn deep-processing enterprises cost advantage.

11-11 2015   Pages: 31

Fungicides China News 1510 (12 issues per year)

US$ 3564

“On 18 Oct., 2015, ICAMA together with 8 agrochemical enterprises held an opening conference on the topic of “Strategical Implementation and Application of Zero Growth in Use of Pesticides” in Beijing. The government is aiming to achieve the goal of zero growth of pesticide usage by 2020.

11-11 2015   Pages: 26
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