Report on Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in H1 2016

US$ 1296

“CCM listed the top 10 Chinese listed pesticide enterprises based on pesticide revenue in H1 2016. Huapont Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Huapont Life Sciences) ranked top 1 with the pesticide revenue of over USD343.96 million, followed by Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Red Sun) and Beijing Nutrichem Company Limited (Beijing Nutrichem).

11-10 2016   Pages: 73

Herbicides China News 1603

US$ 3564

“As a whole, China’s herbicide market has no significant rebound in March 2016. The price still falls steadily. In particularly, the price declines of glyphosate and paraquat drag down the overall market price of herbicides. In detail, the domestic overcapacity, changed policies both at home and abroad, the outstanding resistance problems and stricter environmental acquirements made glyphosate market depressed.

04-26 2016   Pages: 40

Glyphosate China Monthly Report 1603

US$ 6912

“In March 2016, China’s glyphosate price remains stable. The CAC 2016 did not bring much orders to glyphosate enterprises. Based on the experiences of previous years, the market demand for glyphosate will grow in March, which can push the glyphosate price to rebound to some extent. But according to the market feedback, enterprises will still hold wait-and-see attitude towards the market, and the transaction orders will be less in a short run.

04-26 2016   Pages: 46

Crop Farming China E-News 1603

US$ 1404

This article is excerpted from papers Evaluation of Transgenic Corn “Shuangkang 12-5” with Complex Traits of Insect-resistance and Glyphosate-resistance for the Resistance to Ostrinia furnacalis and Tolerance to Glyphosate, Synthesis and Herbicidal Activity Evaluation of Novel Diacylhydrazine Derivatives Containing Pyrazolyl Moiety, Effects of Herbicides on Yield, Quality and Residues in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) and Influence of Growth and Phytotoxic Degrees of 54 Herbicides Foliar Sprayed on Tobacco.

04-26 2016   Pages: 16

Corn Products China News 1603

US$ 3564

“In 2016, the Chinese government formulates a series of policies to reduce the corn inventory. Provinces like Heilongjiang all release plannings to reduce the planting area of corn. The directional selling of old corn is the first step for the destocking of corn and China has issued the preliminary list on 16 Feb. This led to increasing amount of corn being put into the market, causing the corn price to decline in later period.

04-26 2016   Pages: 37

Amino Acids China E-News 1603

US$ 2916

“In March 2016, the NDRC made a “yellow warning” on the market price of live pig. China’s ex-works price of live pig in early March increased over 50% YoY. This was mainly because of the short supply caused by the shutdown of large number of small farms.

04-26 2016   Pages: 30

Fungicides China News 1603

US$ 3564

“In March 2016, eyes of most Chinese pesticide manufacturers were caught by the CAC2016 and the CAC conference week. At the conference, Zhang Wenjun, director of ICSD, ICAMA, introduced China’s exports of pesticides in 2015 and pointed out that it was the first time to see downturns in both imports and exports of pesticides over the past 5 years. Specifically:

04-26 2016   Pages: 39

Crop Protection China Monthly Report 1603

US$ 2268

“This report analyzes the pesticide formulations registered in China in 2015 and aims to enumerate the year’s most registered compounds and most active enterprises. Based upon analysis of pesticide formulation registration information from the ICAMA, the specifics are as follows:

04-26 2016   Pages: 25

Insecticides China News 1603

US$ 3564

“On 9-11 March, the CAC 2016 was held in Shanghai. Besides the traditional product display and business discussion, related issues about the 2016 CAC Conference Week (one of the important segments) showed up during the exhibition. On the forums concerning agriculture, the non-agricultural pesticides and seed treatments were one of focuses for industry insiders.

04-26 2016   Pages: 34

Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1603

US$ 3564

The operating rate of the Chinese ilmenite industry has increased slightly. After receiving a large quantity of enquiries this month, ilmenite manufacturers have begun to raise their product prices. However, those price increases have not been accepted by downstream manufacturers, and therefore the market price of ilmenite remains quite stable in China at present. But ilmenite price is expected to have actual increase in the short term if China’s TiO2 market continues to recover.

04-26 2016   Pages: 33
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