European Peer-to-Peer Lending: Market Insight 2015

US$ 2361

“Peer-to-peer lending has continued to grow rapidly across Europe as lenders seek higher returns than are available from banks and borrowers embrace willingness to lend to sectors the banks are wary of – such as small businesses in the UK – and streamlined loan approval processes.

11-11 2015   Pages: 52

UK e-fulfilment: Market Insight Report 2015

US$ 1657

“This market covers the provision of fulfilment services to internet retailers in the UK. It includes both pure play on-line retailers and traditional store-based retailers which also have an online presence – increasingly this is all major retailers.

11-11 2015   Pages: 31

European Parcels Market Insight Report 2015

US$ 4582

“• The parcels market has continued to grow in most countries in spite of the recession. A key factor has been the growth of home shopping.
• This has acted as a spur to innovation – in promoting the development of processes to improve the delivery experience, from defined time-slots, to text messages to the establishment of chains of parcel shops.

11-11 2015   Pages: 135

UK Parcels Carrier Profiles 2015

US$ 1805

“This report profiles the 13 main operators which serve the UK parcels market.
The profiles include background information on the companies, historical developments and recent news, analysis of their financial performance and benchmarking against their peers, as well as Apex Insight’s considered and evidenced views on the prospects for each.

11-11 2015   Pages: 169

Outsourced Security Guarding Services: UK Market Profile and Forecasts 2015

US$ 1805

“This market report reviews the provision of outsourced security guarding services in the UK.
We quantify the market size, historical growth rates, segmentation patterns and levels of industry profitability while reviewing key factors behind these figures.

11-11 2015   Pages: 58

UK Outsourced Contract Catering: Market Insight 2014

US$ 1805

The industry has been one of the leaders in the UK’s outsourcing revolution but has been impacted by recent, less certain, economic conditions and labour market changes.

11-11 2015   Pages: 59

UK Pest Control: Market Insight 2014

US$ 1389

“- This report reviews the UK pest control industry.
– the industry has continued to grow through an uncertain economic period with changes in regulation, working practices and supply structure. in particular, there have been significant changes in local authority pest control provision.

11-11 2015   Pages: 32

European Parcel Shops: Insights from Interview Research 2014

US$ 1620

“This report contains the findings from a series of 117 interviews that we carried out with parcel shops in the UK, Germany, France and Belgium.

11-11 2015   Pages: 34

UK Consumer Debt Collection and Debt Purchase: Market Insight 2014

US$ 2546

“This report focuses on the UK consumer debt purchase and debt collection markets. Debt collection involves the collection of debts on behalf of the original debtor as an outsourced business process while debt purchase involves buying the actual debts and the right to collect them.

11-11 2015   Pages: 69

UK Parcels: Market Insight 2014

US$ 1805

“In this report Apex Insight reviews the UK parcels market encompassing the business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer / small business consigned segments.

11-11 2015   Pages: 73
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