Business Direction of Amino Acid Companies

Date: 2015-05

“Amino acid industry hot topics since 2013:
-Capacity of bulk amino acids (especially lysine and methionine) continued to increase in the world, intensifying the competition in global market.
-Due to increasing competition and weak demand, the market of bulk amino acids in China continued in recession.
-Leading producers of bulk amino acids started to cut peoduction since end 2013, and the price of bulk amino acids saw rebound since Q2 2013.

Purpose of report:
CCM has analyzed the performance and management plans of both domestic and oerseas leading producers of amino acids, in order to make a comparison of domestic and overseas enterprises, and give a future pattern of global amino acid industry.

What to report:
In this report, business directions of leading amino acid producers are analyzed from the following aspects:
-Performance of producers by segment and region;
-Some key projects;
-Some important dynamics;
-Future management plans.

-Competition in global lysine market is becoming more intense following the launch of many new caoacities in China and the US.Integration of lysine industry will be improved therefore.
-Global distribution of methinone production will be more balanced after the completion of some new capacities in Asia, including plants of Evonik and CJ Group.
-Minor amino acids may be considered as new growth point for domestic producers,because of their higher profitability than bulk products.”


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