Black Gold—Carbon Fiber

Date: 2015-12-03

Carbon fiber is a carbon content of more than 95% of high strength, high modulus fiber material new fiber. It enjoy the “black gold” reputation. Carbon fibers with a resin, metal, ceramics, glass, etc. are made into a composite material not only used in aerospace, defense and other military industry, and widely used in many fields of automobile, civil construction, energy development and sports, etc., following the stone and steel and other materials, carbon fiber composite materials known as the “king of the new material” in the international. According to sources of raw materials, carbon fiber can be divided PAN-based, Pitch-based, Rayon-based etc.

Figure—2014 Various Types of Carbon Fiber Market Share


With the development of society and technology, future market demand growth of carbon fiber will be stable, global carbon fiber demand will reach 89,000 tons by 2020.

Figure—2010-2020 global carbon fiber market demand (10K Ton)



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