Biogen Idec – Poised to Grow Beyond MS

Date: 2015-07

BIIB’s efforts towards diversification are finally taking going to take shape from this year onwards with approvals of drugs in indications other than Multiple Sclerosis (MS) while BIIB’s supremacy in MS to remain. Positive new data from ELOCTATE (long-acting rec. Fact VIIIFc, hemophilia A) and ALPROLIX (long-acting rec. Fact IXFc, hemophilia B – Hemo B) presented at the XXIV ISTH Congress reinforces their advantages/potential safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetic profile. Last month, FDA approved the first short-acting rFIX, Baxter’s Rixubis for routine prophylaxis of Hemo B; however, we expect the long-acting products to lead/ change the current hemophilia treatment paradigm. Our report released on Feb. 13, ‘Hemophilia – New Therapies and Changing Market Dynamics’ has an in-depth analysis of the clinical efficacy, safety, and commercial prospects of the Marketed and late-stage products in development… For more detail, please read our report released on July 8, 2013, titled, “Poised to Grow Beyond MS”.


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