Bio-pesticides are Essentially Used for Controlling Agricultural Pests, Bacterial and Fungal Growth on Field Crops

Date: 2015-12-15

Bio-pesticides are essentially used for controlling agricultural pests, bacterial and fungal growth on field crops. By using bio-pesticides, hazardous effect of chemical pesticides can be avoided. Increasing awareness in concern to it and stringent government regulations create high demand of bio-pesticides across the globe. Also, new trends like organic food consumption increases the consumption of bio-pesticides. 

The bio-pesticides market is segmented into various sub-segments like: By type (bio-insecticides, bio-fungicides, bio-nematicides), by applications (by crop includes grains & cereals, oil seeds and fruits & vegetables), by non- crops (turf & ornamental grass), by form includes liquid-based form, water dispersible granules, powder form etc, by function (antibiosis, induced resistance, Parasitism, Inhibitor), by ingredients which includes microbial, bacterial, viral, fungal, nematode and others (yeast and protozoa), by bio-rational (biotanical includes Insect growth regulators, feeding deterrents, repellents, Confusants, plant allelopath, plant growth regulation, fungicidal control, Induced Resistance, etc. also segment as  Botanicals used as bio-pesticides (Pyrethrum, Neem, Essential oils in plants), semi-chemical further sub-segmented into Repellants, Pheromones, Allomones and Kairomones, and by end-users (On farm, Seed treatment and Post-harvest). 

Companies profiled include
2. Bayer Cropscience AG
3. Bioworks, Inc.
4. Certis LLC
5. Dupont
6. Isagro Spa
7. Koppert Biological systems
8. Marrone BioInnovations
9. Monsanto
10. Novozyme biologicals
11. Valent Biosciences Corporation
12. Pest Control India
13. International Panaacea Ltd.
14. T Stanes
15. Biotech International
16. PJ Margo
17. Exosect Ltd.
18. Gowan Company
19. Greeneem
20. Growth Products Ltd.
21. Hebei Veyong Biochemical Company Ltd.
22. Hercon Environmental
23. Mycogen Seeds
24. Natural Forces Llc
25. Natural Industries Inc
26. Verdera Oy
27. Westbridge Agricultural Products
28. Prophyta Biologischer Pflanzenschutz Gmbh
29. Rincon-Vitova Insectaries
30. Russell IPM


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