Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality M&A Private Equity Investment, and Patent Filing Analysis

Date: 2016-04

“Growing emerging technologies such as the augmented reality and the virtual reality has increased number of the many tech giants to invest in this market, worldwide.
The usage of augmented reality and virtual reality is gaining traction with the increasing support of both hardware manufacturers and software developers in applications such as gaming, entertainment, retail, medical, defense among others. Various initiatives in R&D by the market players as well as by the research institutes indicate that there is huge potential for these technologies. The large tech companies have shown high interest in augmented technology through various acquisitions. The driving factors behind the increase in M&A activity include need to increase scale, substantial growth of startup companies, intense industry competition, and the need for companies to improve their technology, product, and services portfolio.
Hardware sectors includes a major focus for the growth of augmented reality and virtual reality market.
The manufacturing industries are significant in the augmented reality and virtual reality market that includes the further development of a prototype into final hardware components as augmented reality devices and software content development. Hardware components such as electronic and sensing parts are manufactured by vendors and then they are integrated by the device manufacturers such as HMDs. The head-mounted displays are being used as one of the products in the AR-VR market across various applications such as engineering, architecture, gaming, healthcare among others. The market for head mounted display (HMD) devices and software game developers is expected to grow rapidly.
Extensive research (which includes both primary and secondary) has been carried out to determine and verify the global market deals for several segments of the augmented reality and virtual reality market. Break-up of profile of primary participants is given below as:
• By Company Type: Tier 1 – 45%, Tier 2-33% and Tier 3-22%
• By Designation: C-level – 42%, Director-level– 33%, Others-25%
• By Region: Americas-39%, Europe-25%, Asia-Pacific – 29%, RoW-7%

A number of research institutes are carrying out research in the augmented reality and virtual reality applications market for various products and applications. Some research institutes are being funded by the companies and some are being funded by the government which would be a valuable opportunity for the AR and VR tech industry players to tap the market.
Following companies are profiled in the report that includes merger and acquisition deals section:
1. Facebook Incorporation (U.S.)
2. Apple Inc. (U.S.)
3. Microsoft Corporation (U.S.)
4. Intel Corporation (U.S.)
5. Blippar Inc. (U.S.)
6. Qualcomm Inc. (U.S.)
7. Daqri LLC (U.S.)
8. Atheer Inc. (U.S.)
9. PTC (U.S.)
10. Cyberglove Systems Inc. (U.S.)
Following companies that were involved in the investments have been profiled on the basis of the investment amount that was funded in the company:
2. Jaunt Inc. (U.S.)
3. Avegant Corporation (U.S.)
4. Matterport Inc. (U.S.)
5. Playful Corporation (U.S.)
6. Mindmaze SA (U.S.)
7. NextVR Inc. (U.S.)
8. SKULLY Inc. (U.S.)
9. Meta Co. (U.S.)
10. WEVR Inc. (U.S.)
11. Legend3D Inc. (U.S.)
The report will help the market leaders/new entrants in the augmented reality and virtual reality market based companies in the following ways:
1. This report categorizes M&A during 2013–2016 by deal value, acquirer type, end user, and geography with review of big ticket deals giving the buyers an insight into the latest M&A trends in the augmented reality and virtual reality market.
2. The report also provides an overview of the augmented reality and virtual reality market based industry, analyzing key component segments and end user segments. Furthermore, stakeholders can get an understanding of the pulse of the M&A, patents and investment scenario with analysis of the drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities.
3. The report also reviews key M&A strategies, private equity investors, and patents adopted by top semiconductor companies and highlights key strategies to be followed in the current industry scenario along with a brief analysis of potential acquisition targets.


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